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Started by gil, May 09, 2012, 02:11:40 PM

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Welcome aboard Lee :-) you might want to look into 2m SSB. There are a lot of cheap 2m all-mode transceivers on Ebay... I have an old Icom IC-251 that works wonders :-)



Bonjour à tous,

Je suis nouveau sur ce Forum. Je suis arrivé ici grâce aux vidéos de Gil que j'apprécie. Je suis SWL F61514 en JN25JO (Rhône) et je trafique de temps en temps en DX sur la bande des 11 mètres avec en ce moment une boucle magnétique.

Il y a deux ans avec des copains radioamateurs et grâce au travaille préalable de F1HWG nous avons construit nous même notre imprimante 3D.

J'ai une autre passion, je possède une Citroën  ami8, je suis allée en Croatie en été 2019.

Au plaisir de vous lire et merci de votre accueil

Passer pour un idiot aux yeux d'un imbécile est une volupté de fin gourmet.

To pass for an idiot in the eyes of a fool is a gourmet pleasure.


Bienvenue Jean Pierre, et bonne année!


I used to go to the ARRL ARES training but grew disheartened when it was the same thing over and over, "you have to use winlink if you want to remain in this training and join the ZOOM meetings on Thursdays!!!"  When chatting with people locally they just want to learn how to use their radios or other communication devices during an emergency or disaster.  A few of my neighbors and coworkers decided to get their radio licenses and training and are totally enjoying a hobby they really didn't think about.  Thanks for the website!!!  de KE5ES


Thanks. Here in France we have something called ADRASEC... Supposed to help Civil Defense with whatever communication needs they might have, and search for downed planes, etc. I just participated in a Live-Stream for the French World Ham Radio Day... The guy presenting after me was saying ADRASEC needs volunteers... I commented that a few years back I emailed them saying I was a HAM and certified in first aid including advanced resuscitation, but nobody answered my email... A bunch of other guys commented that they too were ignored! Now, another thing... We are in mountainous terrain here and searching for anything means hiking up mountains, cliffs, down valleys, snow, rocks, you name it... I'm 54 now and would not presume to be able to do what a 25yo firefighter or mountain rescuer can do. These guys are like 70+ and don't look like they could run up a flight of stairs without risking a coronary... There are exceptions of course, but I believe Emcomm anywhere is in a poor state of affairs and officials are doing all they can to keep them away, as to not having to rescue more people or having a bunch of entitled old guys (nothing against old guys, I am not far from being one), bugging them running around like headless chickens (yes, I have seen headless chickens run...) Pretty sad. The solution of course is younger HAMs, but how to get them is a whole other ball game...