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Started by 2M0WHN, October 25, 2022, 11:56:23 AM

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Quick vox pop thing...

What is your favourite radio that you have used in the past or still have. What make you buy it and what does it mean to you when operating your own radio that you like?


The KX2 or KX3 were excellent receivers, very low current consumption and I made form fitting protective cases for them.  I do wish that I had never sold them, but I tend to sell radios that I have to buy radios that I 'want'.  This has not always been a good decision.

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Same as Ray on second and third position, but my number one is the Elecraft K1! Maybe because I built it... Actually I built two and owned three, still own one I did build. It analog... No DDS, no DSP, pure unadulterated analog sound goodness :-) You can listen to it for hours without tiring. It's also super cute, which is always a plus. Current draw is only 50mAh and power output around 6W. It has a built-in auto tuner. I only wish I had kept my four-bander. For my current build I chose 30 and 80m, though I do not use 80m often for lack of an antenna at home. I only wish Elecraft would make an updated version, still fully analog, in the same case, maybe with five or six bands and of course still offered as a kit, but unfortunately it's not going to happen..



Yaesu FT-817ND.  I own a few radios but the 817 is my Baby.  I bought it for the all modes all bands features.  I have talked to multiple continents and love using it.  I just ordered a 1296 mhz transverse to use with it.  It is just a handy radio to have.
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