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Started by 2M0WHN, October 25, 2022, 04:37:53 PM

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What is the best power setup for a cheap budget?

I have a fold up solar panel, a MPT charge controller and a 12V 44aH battery. Also a Pi4, mini laptop, 2 base radios and other H/T that I can use.

So on a basis of being cheap, cost cutting and essentially not having much money as I have basically gotten most of this over years, what is the best way of making sure I can run my station in a effeciant way without resorting to going into credit card debt.



How much power is your solar panel rated to give?  The info the solar panel makers give is generally best case, so if there is haze, or clouds, or its not lined up to take advantage of the best angle the actual output will be less. Determine if you will have enough solar energy to charge your battery to enable to you run your radios for the estimated time each day you are going to want to operate.  Be sure to plan for a few cloudy or even rainy days between sunny days, or have a contingency for that (charge it a little while from the car or something handy).

 Also, importantly, heat makes the panel less efficient.. which is bad as you will notice they are all a black panel. What gets the hottest in the sun? Of course its our panels.
So, its best to mount them some place that has air flow behind to help cool them. I have a 120 watt folding panel, and I try to not lay it on the ground, as it gets warmer with no
under side air flow.   On summer outings (up to 40C at times) it is very noticeable the heating effect, where in winter time (as low as -20C) , it works a lot better.   

I hope those are some ideas that will help with what you are asking. 

73  Arn


The solar is a 13W briefcase type of panel. Might get something more better as 13W is not enough really for fast charge. It was one of them you got in the cheap stores or those that sell anything electrical. Looking on EBay they have flexible panels for under £30 with charge controller. Might get one and connect that if we get a power outage.