Double Bazooka

Started by 2M0WHN, January 11, 2023, 04:58:25 PM

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Here is a image of a double bazooka antenna calculation.

With it being 3 feet in length it is a decent antenna for using on SSB on VHF 2M. Along with the 50 Ohm cable it is light enough to roll up into a backpack and carry.

Here is the link for the antenna calculation from  West Mountain Radio.

Could be a fun project as a suspended vertical from a tree or between 2 trees for SSB use. 100 watts and a wire did a build on making this with tips on how to make one for HF use.

Youtube link to 100 watts and a wire.

If you get to build one for VHF or HF let me know compared to a normal dipole from tests. Could be some fun for H/T in a pinch.