End Fed Trolling Wire Antenna

Started by L1berVir, August 21, 2023, 11:14:28 AM

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Here's an end fed antenna with a 1:9 unun I made. I put about 50 yards of 30 lb test copper trolling wire on a chalk line reel. You can use it as either a random wire with a tuner or just measure out the various bands and put a knot in the wire to mark where its resonant at, depending on if there's enough trees or whatever around, if you have enough cordage, etc.

I typically use about 30 foot of rg-316 when I'm running portable and I have a string of ferrites on one end of the cable near the radio so the coax pulls double duty as the counterpoise though you can obviously use a dedicated one if you want.

I'm pretty sure this antenna was NVISING on 40 (blue) given how relatively close the FT8 receptions were on pskreporter.

Anyway if anyone's been looking for an antenna that's easy to set up and take down for portable ops, here ya go.




Nice! That's very practical. Thanks for posting!


Oh! I had never thought of using leader wire, and did not even know that it came in a copper/copper wash. Thanks for showing up how you do yours. 

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