The Case for CW - A 2006 article by James Wades for the Michigan Net, etc.

Started by Sparks, February 05, 2024, 09:55:14 PM

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At this URL you will find 8 pages of well-written arguments in favor of CW. Recommended reading!

COPYRIGHT 2006: James Wades for the Michigan Net, QMN and National Radio Emergency Net. This article may be reproduced and distributed provided credit is given to the author and the Michigan Net, QMN and National Radio Emergency Net.


Thanks Sparks.

Interesting article. Yes, people need to know that Telegraphy was not replaced because it did not work: it worked VERY well, and for over a century.  It was replaced to eliminate the need to pay for for the trained telegraphers in both salaries and training time.  If anyone can push a button to send a message, then companies don 't need to hire the highly skilled radio officers aboard ship, or on shore stations and others.  The 'legend' that 'its too hard to learn Morse code' is untrue as proven by the MILLIONS of children learning basic Morse code in their teens and before. The militaries of the world and radio schools of all stripes taught the code to millions for over a century.   As a child in my very early teens, I taught myself Morse code using LP records, sitting in my room. Later the Army really polished my Morse skills, but that was built on the foundation of Morse I taught myself and used on the air as a school kid

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