Diamond MR-77 VHF/UHF mag mount antenna

Started by KC9TNH, April 25, 2013, 08:04:54 PM

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BLUF:  Pretty pleased. 19" overall, reasonable price. As it comes SWR's found were 1.1:1 146.2 and 1.6:1 on the 449.8 WI-Net repeaters.  Comes with sufficient RG-58, and can be ordered in a variety of terminations, including the reverse-SMA for the Wouxun.  (Note:  I actually terminate the cable into a right-angle adapter that ends up BNC at the Wouxun and provides strain relief to what are smaller & smaller connectors these days. YMMV.)

I got it because fairly regularly during this time of the year I find myself darting around doing SKYWARN stuff and the 817 can stay in the shack and this gives a quick way out of the car for the h/t.  Especially when running an escape route from that stuff that makes the big angry spirally things that sucked up Dorothy and her little dog too.

The magnetic unit is SOLID and stays put at, well, high speed. It would also make a good setup for someone with an h/t who travels and uses rental cars often, as it disassembles easily into a smaller package. Tip: Anything mag mount on my car gets a "coaster" under the magnet.  I make these from these super-thin, roll-up, Casa del Cheapo mouse pads that tech vendors give away. I cut a piece, turn the black side up and it goes between the magnet and the car.