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Started by Gramaton550, March 31, 2013, 01:21:07 AM

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QuoteHT is an awesome tool but the rubber duck is next to useless.

You might want to add a rat-tail, a 19" wire connected to the ground of the antenna. You will get three more bars on the S-meter!


Jim Boswell

     Welcome to the site. There are some good people here, almost every time I check out the site I learn something. Good move with the slimjim antennas. In years past my friend built a pvc walking staff with a slimjim 300ohm twinlead j-pole inside the pvc pipe. Just connect a short length of RG-174 coax and that antenna would work circles around a rubber duck. That is one reason I prefer the BNC antenna connector for HT,s easier to connect and disconnect coax. The SMA connectors are a much more fragile connector.
     Ask lots and lots of questions everyone here likes to help someone out. When you get ready there are good used radios out on the market, that can save you major money over new stuff. Almost all my HF rigs I bought used, many I have bought, repaired then resold when I found something else I just had to try. 73's  KA5SIW


Gramaton550, welcome to the forum. I have 2 baofeng UV-B5's, and I added this dual band amplifier,, you can find them sold cheaper than on the mirage site. I got mine from GigaParts, and MFJ stands behind it.

Just to consider for expanding your range. I do some HAM public service events in the area, and the extra watts help getting out.

I'm still working on a portable go kit, currently working on power distribution. This forum has a lot of practical advice. Welcome and enjoy!

BTW, I also recommend getting your General license as soon as practical. You won't regret it.