First CW QSO

Started by vwflyer, January 17, 2014, 07:25:55 PM

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Well, I did it ;D
I answered someone's CQ on 20 meters. He copied me fine but I made a couple of mistakes and my ability to copy went down by at least 3wpm under the stress of it. I didn't catch everything he said but I got most of his call and skcc number. It was good that I copied his skcc number right. I looked him up there to fill in the missing call letter. Hey raybiker73, it was good that I had registered with skcc myself. I don't know why he assumed I was registered with them, perhaps because I answered his CQ but he wanted me to transmit my skcc number. I told him I'd have to look it up as I didn't know it and asked him to stand by. After I came back with it he thanked me and signed off. I must have been trying his patience or taxing his brain to much trying to copy my loose fist. He didn't seem to want to rag chew.
But in the end, he was courteous and I am stoked.
Thanks to all for all of your encouragement.


AWESOME!!! Congratulations, and welcome to the wonderful world of CW.

See it wasn't that hard ;) , and now the fun really begins. By far the absolute best method to increase your code proficiency is with real live on the air QSO's, you'll be amazed at how quickly you progress if you keep it up.
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Congratulations! I will get easier with time.. Until you get really fast and someone calls you at 7wpm :o Just kidding, ;D Keep at it!



QuoteUntil you get really fast and someone calls you at 7wpm