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CB / SWR 5 ! What is happening ?
July 18, 2022, 05:47:57 AM

I recently tried to instal a president walker on my car (a land rover defender 110).

I svewed a steel plate on the soare tire holder that is mounted on the rear door. On that plate I installed a president antenna that was originaly on a magnetic pod on a sirio base.

The antenna is linked to the radio with a 5mm cable (4 meters long).

When I checked the SWR it was 5 ! And all I have done on the antenna lenth didn't change anything.

Does anybody know what is happening ?


Antennas / active Hunter HS 1300 B
April 01, 2022, 10:46:52 AM
Hi everybody,

A new question, does anaybody there know the "Active Hunter HS 1300 B from Maldol" ?

It would be one of the options for my house set-up.

New To Radio / Yeasu FT 818 ND
April 01, 2022, 08:39:56 AM

Like I said in the old topic on this radio, I think I will buy a Yeasu FT 818 ND.

Is there some of you that could give me a feed back about this radio ?

I already look at the YouTube video showing that this is a total fail and just a big marketing operation from Yaesu but I do not have any 817ND at home so I hope it should be a good choice to begin with ham when I will have my license and down to this day to listen ham and operate on the CB.

Is it possible to plug it on an external battery bigger than the 1900mah ?
Is it possible to plug it on a car battery (12v) ?

Does it resist to bad weather ? I leave in a cold and wet area.

In fact I am looking for something light and little, with as much autonomy as possible, resistant to outter agressions, suitable with any band of frequenecies, that allow me (when graduate) to communicate with my folks on a range of several undred miles (my country is approximativaly 600/700 miles long) ...

Here in France the 818 is sold out everywhere so I wille have to wait a little bit but I hope it wil be back on shelves soon.

Do you think that Yeasu will propose a 819 of some sort soon ? It could be an explaination for the shortage ...

Thank you for your help :-)