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Antennas / Re: "Sparkplug" antenna
Last post by ON5BGO - January 31, 2023, 06:30:11 PM
Thanks to make me discover that sparkplug-antenna !! HI
excellent !!
Antennas / Re: Interesting EFHW transform...
Last post by ON5BGO - January 31, 2023, 05:32:50 PM
Hi Mark,
thanks for sharing that info. I'm in the "balun/transformer subject" for now and not heard of that method.
Interesting measure's results !

73, Ben
General Discussion / Re: PLEASE READ! Welcome to Ra...
Last post by Marjamada - January 28, 2023, 03:43:04 AM
Hi Gil and all members. Greetings from Arizona. Thank you, Gil, for doing what needed to be done, creating community. We have our societies in various countries, but real community is hard to find. It is especially critical now, as there are signs that we are all soon to live in a world torn apart by war. In any kind of such crisis, Ham radio has been vital for the preservation of community, and even for the functioning of society. I was involved years ago in disaster relief, mostly in Central America (Nicaragua and Guatemala) where earthquakes devastated large areas and the basic infrastructure of the society was impaired or destroyed. I was part of a relief team from the USA and we could only communicate with our HQ in the US by using local Ham operators. It was that experience that inspired me to become a Ham. So your group here is especially meaningful to me, as I believe we may be forced to rely on radio for basic communications. Thank you also for the videos on the 49:1 EFHW antennas. I just received a toroid and will build one. Perhaps we meet on the air using them.
VHF and Above / Double Bazooka
Last post by 2M0WHN - January 11, 2023, 04:58:25 PM
Here is a image of a double bazooka antenna calculation.

With it being 3 feet in length it is a decent antenna for using on SSB on VHF 2M. Along with the 50 Ohm cable it is light enough to roll up into a backpack and carry.

Here is the link for the antenna calculation from  West Mountain Radio.

Could be a fun project as a suspended vertical from a tree or between 2 trees for SSB use. 100 watts and a wire did a build on making this with tips on how to make one for HF use.

Youtube link to 100 watts and a wire.

If you get to build one for VHF or HF let me know compared to a normal dipole from tests. Could be some fun for H/T in a pinch.
Antennas / Interesting EFHW transformer w...
Last post by NO5S - January 08, 2023, 11:29:25 AM
Hello. Has anyone tried the KN5L transformer winding ? Came across this design when researching end fed transformers.

General Discussion / deleted
Last post by annmariebv11 - January 06, 2023, 08:27:25 PM

General Discussion / Re: Which radios
Last post by KE5ES - December 16, 2022, 02:27:52 AM
Yaesu FT-817ND.  I own a few radios but the 817 is my Baby.  I bought it for the all modes all bands features.  I have talked to multiple continents and love using it.  I just ordered a 1296 mhz transverse to use with it.  It is just a handy radio to have.
General Discussion / Raspberry Pi update
Last post by KE5ES - December 13, 2022, 11:36:08 PM
I was trying to update my Raspberry Pi the other day.  It came back with a "you're running an out of date system" error.  I imaged a new micro SD card and inserted it.  Finally someone did something right.  Plug and play all the way through the setup.  Super fast also.  I took the old card and reimaged it for my other Pi.  I just have to get it running with the digirig and 817nd.
General Discussion / Crypto donations.
Last post by gil - November 28, 2022, 06:59:28 PM
Hello Guys :-)
So I waited that I received the next hosting invoice (paid) for the site to post this info so I don't feel guilty! If you have any crypto, please consider helping out by sending a few bread crumbs to any of the following addresses:

BTC   bc1qc5jq4dxt7359sh80lkv9v8rlsgnh322hmn6xyc
ETH   0xe7cC2e415E0D2d1De91604B2b693f124dfBCf9B8
DOGE   D6ha2Ax7UhmtEMPC4fsaEJPxHrLSu3BwYW
XRP   r93TuQrkEq3X9UDkqXKYWaTkteB2ap4hMq
LTC   LYwDy55mZSeb1Czx6JUiTS5YkqjfmWKK5H
SOL   Ee9iJx6ouBih1beozjWrwYBQA9tQgr4nYwosZYsjfxaj
TRX   TMvoMDkc2YJybCSk1SNYjW6wFbktZ8qoNA
DOT   14BeKCDq3FSvtF4k9i1n4DyqZbYTT9HMt1kxemQmkjkVeKZB
AVAX   0xe7cC2e415E0D2d1De91604B2b693f124dfBCf9B8
ATOM   cosmos1l8ct3kesrh48n2yeekh9e2ncrm8s397xxwf34f
XTZ   tz1YS3MSqU63VKGkUqomt1ZV4eDFY7dJD9mX

Thank you very much!
General Discussion / Re: PLEASE READ! Welcome to Ra...
Last post by gil - November 28, 2022, 06:55:32 PM
Thank you Steve for signing on!