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Choosing the right DMR radio for your business will help you a lot. With the expansion of commercial scale, It is necessary to offer a fast and effective response. So Instant communication is becoming more and more popular in the business area.

In order to realize this goal, More and more businesses choose to use the radios, and lots of businesses choose the Analog model radio like License-free radio. For the small business, the License-free radio has fully meet their requirements, like the small hotel and restaurant.

But if your working area is large, like the hotel more than 5 floors, like the construction site, like the warehouse, the larger the working area, the more communication blind spots there are. In addition to this, if you want to make groups manage your team, the license-free radio or the analog mode radio can't meet the requires.

So choose a DMR radio will be your best choice.
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Catch the Spring, Catch the Spring Sale On Retevis #RT3S
Date: 20th, March to 29th,March
Retevis RT90, as the first mobile radio, comes with the handheld Mic speaker. Make it easier to talk with each others when driving.

[size=78%]What's the features of Mobile radio RT90?[/size]

  • Dual mode ( Analog & Digital)
  • Dual band (VHF & UHF)
  • Dual watch
  • Dual time slot
  • High power 50w
  • Two VFO mode
  • GPS version( Optional)
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DMR Radio / Speaker mic for amateur radio
December 16, 2018, 09:33:40 PM
#Ailunce #HD1 Speaker Mic #H103ML IP55 Test With model #HD1 #RT87 #RT83
Antennas / The Yagi Ailunce Antenna
December 16, 2018, 09:32:17 PM
The Yagi Antenna model #AY01 Brand #Ailunce
Support: 400-480mhz
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New To Radio / Yagi UHF Directional Antenna
December 11, 2018, 09:49:55 PM

Brand: Ailunce

Model: AY01

Center Frequency: 430-440Mhz

Support Frequency: 400-480Mhz

Gain: 7dBi

Power: 50W

VSWR ≤ 1.2

Polarization: Horizontal

Length: 46cm (18in)

Weight: 0.19kg

Light and small, suitable for carrying. Support multiple assembly and disassembly
New To Radio / RT51-An Inexpensive PoC radio
December 11, 2018, 08:32:21 PM
This article was written by the US tester.
A review of the new Retevis RT51- an inexpensive Poc Alternative

The  RT51 PoC Handheld radio is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications tool, uses existing AT&T and T-Mobile cellular for voice signal propagation. Retevis presents it as an inexpensive communications device and platform that allows for group and one-on-one PTT communications over great distances. The radio is listed for sale on the website for only $129.00 which is very inexpensive compared to existing similar radios on the market. You can see the listing and purchase here:
Requirements to put the radio to work are:

1. a SIM card for at least 500MB data for each radio;
2. The software to program your radio and programming cable.
3. the admin account to manage groups and users;
4. the dispatch platform for managing all your business communications.
PoC stands for PTT over Cellular. There are a plethora of these devices and platforms showing up in the marketplace these days. They all require access to the internet, a data plan with a cell phone company and a communications server to connect to that provides the connectivity for the subscribed to services.

This is the first downside of the RT51 PoC Handset radio. It has no wifi capability. You are totally reliant on access to your provider's network. But, my testing of this radio proved that the external cell antenna on the radio does increase the range to access data connectivity. In places where I could not connect with my smartphone, I did connect with this radio. That did impress me.

The RT51 radio itself is a nice radio with a quality feel and function.

As a small group of testers here in the US, we were able to figure out how to program our radios and get them connected to our various cell networks with some frustrations. Once we got it figured out, we were able to talk back and forth over great distances easily with decent audio quality.

By the way, the RT51 has built-in GPS that accesses satellites from an internal antenna. One of the menu functions show you your coordinates and how many satellites you have accessed.

What is attractive about the RT51 and associated platform is the price. The radio is very inexpensive. You can get a data plan with T-Mobile for $10-$15 a month and the network fee is a mere $10 annually. I'd say that is pretty tough to beat when looking at other pricing structures for this kind of communications tool.

 Would I buy this radio for my business? Yes.

I am a fan of both of these very cool communications platforms and use them daily. However, if you are a communication tech, or want a radio to play with and see what you can do with it, have at it! It could be a lot of fun. I was given one as a tester. I will hold on to it for awhile and see what others can do with it in the ham community. The radio runs on Linux so if someone can gain access to it, who knows what could be done with it. I can't wait to see what the techs in the ham community will do with it.

More please visit:
This radio is a dual band Analog radio, it has a special function cross-band repeater.
Gil took a video to explain this function, and how to use this function, please check here:

If you want know more about this radio, please check here:
HD1 is making international QSO, to get closer and closer between the radio amateurs worldwide! Use the coupon #thanksgiving3 to save on
Retevis RT3S is released and will come at the end of May.

This ham radio equipment RT3s will be the newest DMR radio in 2018. It was Built on the popular DMR radio RT3 and it is a dual band handheld transceiver offering UHF and VHF functionality. We can say it is the update from the Retevis RT3 single band to dual band RT3S.

Let's learn about this ham radio handset RT3s
Color LCD display
Call Features:
Single/Group/All Call
Frequency Range:  136-174Mhz & 400-480Mhz
Channels: 3000 Channels
Battery Capacity: 2000mAH Li-Ion
Power: High Power 5W, Low Power 1W
Dimensions: 131 x 61 x 36 mm
Weight: 258g
Main Features:
Emergency Call
Digital & Analog mode
Group Call Match (Promiscuous)
Private Call Match (Promiscuous)
Motorola Tier I & II Compatible
GPS optional
Colour LCD Display
Lone Worker
Dual Time Slot for repeater and point to point
8 Hours Recording
Remore kill/ stun and activate
Firmware update
Time-Division Multi-Access(TDMA) digital technology.
It complies with DMR digital protocol, can work with Motorola Radio.

If have any question, please feel free to leave a message here! We are also looking for the Influencers that with the experiences about how to operate a DMR radio, if you are the one, contact us:
More informations, please click this blog:
Ailunce is the sub-brand of Retevis, focus on the amateur radio. All the ideas and functions are from hams!

The features:

1. DMR Dual Band Dual Mode Radio
2. Field Programming(FPP): Almost all the operations can be done via keypad
3. Operate Menu while receiving signals
4. Quick switch between digital/analog mode, channel/frequency mode.
5. Cross-band receiving and transmitting.
6. More options with 32 Radio IDs selectable.
7. IP67: water-dust proof, no fear of raining or even falling into the water.
8. FM broadcast.
9. Life-time Continuous Firmware Upgrade for free.