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Quote from: gil on April 23, 2023, 11:26:59 PMYep, there was also the case of the ship Bounty, reproduction of the original, that sailed in a hurricane off the coast of Florida years ago. Their satellite comms failed in the storm but they were able to send an email to the coast guard via Winlink! If I remember well the captain did not make it but around 14 crew were saved (can't remember this second).

Thank you Gil, most interesting! I never heard about this. Here are more details:
General Discussion / Re: Lab599 Discovery TX-500
April 10, 2023, 04:39:31 PM
Thank you, Gil. You kind of curtailed my enthusiasm as a possible buyer.

In the links I provide below I found:
QuoteLab599 is a new radio manufacturer in Rubtsovsk city in the Altai region of Russia.
QuoteTX-500 is assembled in UAE. [United Arab Emirates]
About these two places:

16 reviews here:  >
General Discussion / Re: Lab599 Discovery TX-500
March 10, 2023, 11:09:04 PM
It's now for sale here at "HRO Discount Price" $1,149.95.

Have any of you guys any experience of this one?
Off-Grid Ham Radio OH8STN:

This YouTube Channel contains a wealth of useful information!

— Numerous videos are ordered in categories (and much more):
• Portable Ham Radio Reviews
• Portable Ham Radio Go Kits
• Ham Radio for Preppers
• Microsoft Surface for Ham Radio
• Ham Radio with a Raspberry Pi
• Battery & Solar Power for Ham Radio

Some of these videos have been linked to as comments in various topics here.

I thought it would be nice to have them at your fingertips.
For those who thought HF and MF can be scrapped and replaced entirely by satellite, you can read here what happened when one of the major providers of satellite service was hacked the day Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022:

Google Translate will do a decent job here if you don't read Norwegian.

A couple of background links about the break of communications:
Net Activity / Re: Radio Relay International
February 18, 2023, 01:45:51 PM
Quote from: RadioRay on June 15, 2022, 01:43:21 PMThe training schedule can be found here:

Information from RadioRay in another thread today:

"The website has been changed to — No hyphen between words."
Net Activity / Re: Global Radio Relay Network
February 18, 2023, 01:34:02 PM
Quote from: RadioRay on September 03, 2018, 10:36:08 PMRadio Relay International  after action report on exercise contains useful information about QRP CW for emergency communication.

Please note: " is parked free, courtesy of".
Morse Code / Re: "Morse Code Tools" software
August 13, 2022, 10:31:15 PM
In connection with my previous post someone sent me this link:

I am not certain I need it myself, but I hope it may be useful to someone here.
Morse Code / Re: Improving your morse code skills
August 05, 2022, 12:07:01 PM
More from the same person (G4FON):

"Morse trainer" — downloadable.
Morse Code / Improving your morse code skills
August 05, 2022, 01:34:39 AM
Morse Code / Re: First Time Using a Vibroplex Bug.
August 05, 2022, 01:04:27 AM
I want to suggest a new board:

"Morse Keys".

I have lots of links to put in there if my wish is granted.
Morse Code / Re: First Time Using a Vibroplex Bug.
August 05, 2022, 01:00:08 AM
For listening training, I am adding another semiautomatic bug transmission:

That's not a Vibroplex though, it's this one:
Morse Code / Re: First Time Using a Vibroplex Bug.
August 03, 2022, 01:58:35 PM
Nice! Did you continue using the Vibroplex semiautomatic bug?

I recently discovered this short video with the same kind of Vibroplex that I acquired in a USEC port in 1965, when I was a sailing radio operator. I estimate the speed here to be above 30 WPM, and it equals the speed I mastered at the time. I still own that Vibroplex, and the video inspired me to practice more so I can reach that speed again.

What I really would like to have is a wristwatch similar to the one you see in the video. It was for sale by a British company for about $200. Unfortunately, they were sold out by the time I had saved enogh to buy one.