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Antennas / Inverted Vee antenna, the #1 for the field
February 25, 2022, 09:25:30 AM
Living out in the badlands of New Mexico, sometimes trees are in short supply. With the inverted Vee antenna, all I need is one tree and I am set to go. I use a 20 meter wire inverted vee antenna. Just tie a cord onto a rock and throw the rock into a tree across a main branch. Then hoist the antenna up and tie off the legs of the antenna. Bingo, I am ready to operate. My ICOM 703, log, antenna and coax fit in a backpack and I carry the gelcell batteries in a lunchbox.
Tactical Corner / Gun Show Amateur Radio Demo.
November 04, 2016, 11:40:17 AM
Hello, wish me luck, this weekend I am going to try a amateur radio demo at the gun show in Socorro NM. I will use my Icom IC-7200 and work 20 meters SSB. I will also have a 2mt. station. I plan to have a sign-in sheet to see if there is interest in a amateur biltz class after the holidays. I will try to get some photos, and post them if I can figure how. 73'S  KA5SIW
General Discussion / Xiegu X108G
August 08, 2016, 04:09:12 PM
Hello, I have been looking at this radio and wondered if anyone had experience with them? I have an Icom 703 but sometimes I am scared to take it into the field, those 703 are worth a tidy sum of money. What do you think?  73'S  KA5SIW
This weekend there is a combined gunshow/perppershow. I have been to 100's of gun shows and one prepper show. This will be an interesting mix of people as these groups don't always follow the same path. At the prepper show I attended there was one vender selling amateur radio gear, I pretty sure most of his sales were to non-hams. If these people follow through and get their license, that is OK. Some people have the idea that there are no license once the government falls. That means they will not have the skill to operate the radios they bought or understand repeaters. Maybe is 3 to 5 years we will see lots of cheap HT at garage sales? This could be very interesting.
Tactical Corner / JadeHelm 15
March 24, 2015, 11:12:33 AM
     Has anyone been reading up on this? I wonder why Texas was considered a "hostile state"? Sure hope none of those Federal agents or troops don't raid the wrong address, that could get real messy, real quick,  those Texans have guns and know how to use them. I will be watching to see what happens.
     With some wheeling and dealing I am the new owner of a Heathkit HW-101. Last night I fired the radio up.  I have no information on when the radio was last used, but the receiver is working about 80-50%, the transmitter is working about 50-20%. Good thing, this rig does have the CW filter. The only defect I found was the SSB TX has full output when you key the mic, something in the mic circuit is oscillating. Not to bad for a 40+ year old radio.
     Considering the radio is all tube with just a few diodes, this would be a great EMP back-up rig. Last night I tuned into CW on 40 meters, there is something so neat, crisp and clean, about crystal CW filters and tube audio. Kind'a like the sound quality from an LP record.
     About 20 years ago I said I would not work on any tube equipment. Now I own 3 tube rigs, a Yeasu FT-101ZD, Kenwood TS-830 and the Heathkit HW-101. I have a SB-200 amp to go with the HW-101. Neat old gear but not very portable.
     I need another radio like I need a hole in my head. I have 12 TenTec HF rigs, and 4 QRP rigs. The bad thing is I can't hid the radios in a safe like I can with guns. With winter here I need to get busy and clean-up and sell a few HF rigs. I only mess with radio gear in the winter, as soon as I can go fishing and camping, the radio stuff gets pushed aside until after hunting season next Fall. 73'S  KA5SIW
General Discussion / Gil, Thank You
January 14, 2015, 12:33:35 PM
      Gil, Thanks for this forum. Although I don't contribute often I have gleamed some good into from this site. So many times local clubs get stuck in a rut and nobody steps outside the "BOX" to try something different. One of the most important "draws" amateur radio has is the freedom to "find" your favorite activity. When working with new amateur operators we must impart a feeling of freedom. With this freedom comes respect for what past amateurs have accomplished.
      When I talk to a new ham about good amateur radio web sites, this site is on the top of the list. My Radio Prepper T shirt sure draws attention. It would be really neat if we could arrange a face to face QSO at some ham gathering. 73'S  KA5SIW
General Discussion / Trip to Burning Man???
July 18, 2014, 11:19:49 AM
Hello, we are trying to get tickets to Burning Man. I consider Burning Man an exercise in prepping. A week camped out in the desert is not for the faint of heart.
I am busy packing the camping gear and plan to take a HF rig and use a 20meter inverted vee antenna. Sure hope we can find a nice place to set-up camp, last year was a disaster. The Black Rock radio club has 2 repeaters and I will bring a dualbander HT for sure. Any other amateur operators planning to go?
73'S  KA5SIW
Technical Corner / QRP Radio Lineup
April 11, 2014, 11:41:45 AM
       Hello, Spring is coming to New Mexico and time to dust off the portable gear. Last Fall I was elk hunting around Mount Withington and that looked like a great place to do some portable operating. This year I will not do fieldday with the Socorro radio club. I have always wanted to do fieldday on my pontoon boat.
       Looking around, I have too many QRP rigs. I have the HB1B 4bander, a HW-9, Icom 703 and two TenTec Argosys. The two rigs I use the most are the Argosy and the 703. I will keep the HW-9 because I built it as a kit.
       I use the 703 with 2 12v7ah gel cell batteries. Most of the time I use that with a 20meter inverted v antenna. I have a CW filter to install in the 703. This year I would like to build the 703 and batteries into a small backpack. Then I would spray the backpack with waterproofer. If I get this worked out I will post some photos.
       The argosy is not portable, but good for a picnic table or camper station It is nice to have that 50 watts RF output if you need to get out. In the future I plan to sell the 4bander and my extra Argosy.
General Discussion / Anyone going to BurningMan?
August 01, 2013, 04:44:12 PM
Just wondering in any Radiopreppers are heading to BurningMan in Nevada on Aug. 25 to Sept. 2?
I plan to be camping about 8:00-9:00 and about I or J. You can catch me on a repeater and I will be working 20meters with my Icom 7200 and inverted V antenna. 73'S  KA5SIW
Technical Corner / New Kit to Build
January 23, 2013, 04:20:26 PM
     Got my HF Packer amp kit. I already had one HF packer amp but it is dead, now I have a full kit to build and all the tech info to repair the first amp. In the past I had camped with my TenTec ArgosyD. If this works out I can take the Icom 703 and Packer amp and get the job done. I will keep the Icom 7200 for Field-Day or heavy-duty portable use. The Icom 7200 is a great radio after you throw away or mod the HM-36 mic.
     Already looking forward to Spring weather and doing some camping. For over 30 years I thought doing Field Day using a pontoon would be a blast. Talk about something that would be total fun for a 2 operator Field Day group. Yes, just pass the hot dog and coke, and don't get mustard on the logsheet.
73'S  KA5SIW
Radio Reviews, Questions and Comments. / 4 Band QRP Rig
January 18, 2013, 11:04:23 AM
     Well, my interest in QRP has peaked again and now I am going to try one of the TenTec (China) QRP rigs.
Talk about a lot on my plate, working on a license upgrade, CW skill rebuild and going to try some HF digital also.
     The Albuquerque Winter tailgate is 1/26/2013, I am cleaning out the shack, what to sell and what to keep???

     What are your plans for the new year?
     73'S  KA5SIW
Hello, just wondering if any radio preppers live in New Mexico? Maybe get together for a face to face QSO and talk about prepper ideas.
General Discussion / Burning Man Anyone?
August 21, 2012, 10:10:58 AM
Hello, just wanted to see if anyone was going to Burning Man this year. My Wife and I went last year and had fun, but I left the radio gear behind. This year I plan to work 20 and maybe 40 meters. I plan to use an Icom 7200 and 703. A 20m dipole will anchor the station and I may use a tripod mounted 40m ham stick also. For two meter will use will be an Icom HT. Plan to use a 60watt solar panel for power. Look for me around 14.305mhz.
     The Northwest Nevada desert is not an ideal campsite, but if I can camp there I can camp almost anywhere. We have a 10X20 shelter and a 9ft.sq tent. Anyway, a week off work and I will not have to climb any antennas. We had planned to buy an RV but did not find anything in out price range. Might try for an RV next year.
73'S  KA5SIW
Antennas / 20 meter Dipole
August 06, 2012, 10:46:52 AM
Finished my dipole, all trimmed up and first contact was from Utah to Arlington Tex. with 10 watts SSB. That is a good start. I used a gel cell battery and Icom 703. The basic picnic table portable.
I have been a ham for over 25 years and I have worked in the electronics field for over 35 years. I still enjoy the Tentec HF rigs because I can work on them and I can still get repair parts. For VHF rigs I like ICOM. Their rigs are build tough and will work non stop for decades.
Field Day is Saturday, go have fun.
Technical Corner / Building Hf Antenna
June 21, 2012, 05:38:25 PM
Getting ready for Field Day. Today I have to finish building my 80/40meter dipole/inverted V. After that I will pack the radios and gear. This year we will be using two Tentec Hf rigs, an Icom IC-7200 and a 2/6mt SSB/CW/FM. Rig.
If I have time I will rig-up some solar panels to suppliment the batteries.
I hope you all enjoy  Field Day and be safe.