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General Discussion / Re: Death By Microprocessor
November 05, 2019, 06:45:11 AM
I completely agree with you that being able to transmit and receive morse coed by ear is going to be an essential skill that should be developed now whilst there is time.

The problem, I see with manual CW is that it requires the operator to be at the station for some time and this may be risky, it is probably safer to have the message sent and received automatically. For this reason I think we will see automated CW or more likely auto digital modes

I also think that the most likely outcome of a disaster that results in loss of internet will be am RF based internet replacement and its anybody's guess what format will emerge as dominant, Simplicity and reliability and low power will guide the choice but I also think encryption (have posted separately about that) will become critical
General Discussion / Re: Site update.
November 05, 2019, 06:38:32 AM
Had huge problems getting the verification email. One did eventually appear in my spam and I got in, however many verification emails just never arrived (spam or normal ) . I even tried changing the address in case that was the cause, it wasn't
its not so much of a problem now that I can post without the captcha, thought I would be endlessly going head to head with them !!
I am looking at SDR transceivers but can see power and reliability problems with running a laptop. I considered a tablet but assuming no internet after a disaster I don't think this will be very reliable (any updates typically need to be verified which means internet !) . So have several questions :

1) Is there an SDR transceiver that is self contained and can do all the digital modes plus auto CW and can be reflashed without internet

2) Is the raspberry Pi a realistic alternative to a laptop for driving an SDR transceiver

3) Is there a way to open up an SDR transceiver to TRANSMIT on ANY frequency within its upper and lower frequency , I can see its easy to listen on any freq
I have massive problems with the letter captcha currently being used due to vision impairment

It is probably the worst one I've encountered in many years.

Would it be possible to get an audio or a more visually impaired friendly captcha (google or wikipedia works well)
General Discussion / Encryption
November 05, 2019, 06:08:31 AM
I have several queries related to encryption :

1) It is my understanding that encryption is only banned for Ham transmissions, there doesn't seem to be any such restriction for the non ham, this opens the door to experiment with encryption methods that could be used after a disaster

2) What encryption method would likely emerge as the dominant standard assuming no internet and therefore no side channel or central repository to pass keys etc

3) How easy would it be to encrypt voice using ham SDR transceiver
General Discussion / https for the login ?
November 05, 2019, 04:31:22 AM
Would it be possible for the site to get a certificate (they are free from lets encrypt) so that the password doesn't transit in the clear.

my password manager screams at me in a bog red banner every time I login !!