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I have the parts to make a 10ft coax mag loop. The only thing i need is a little bit of time to build it.
General Discussion / Radio System Design-Virtual Course
January 22, 2021, 05:05:45 PM

Found this virtual course on YouTube. It goes pretty deep into how radios actually work. I thought you guys would enjoy watching them. 
Antennas / Re: EFHW sloper array?
November 10, 2020, 10:37:56 PM
 ive noticed that every time I setup my EFHWs they tend to favor the obtuse angle.   So if im "aiming" for a certain direction i tend to follow this rule. I have been very successful when i set up on the bank of a large pond or lake getting more radiation off the acute side. Water makes for a good ground plane and will help reflect the unusually low takeoff angles present on the backside of a sloper.
Antennas / FT-82-43 EFHW
November 07, 2020, 12:55:11 AM
Taking Gil's idea for using an 82 toroid I built this 64:1 transformer. Although the 3D printed box is a much more efficient use of space, I don't currently own a printer. I did find that a Hammond 1551HBK is about as good as it gets as far as size and ruggedness. The overall dimensions are 60x35x20mm. This does not have a ground connection but i have found that a small coil in my coax generally takes care of any RF on the shielding.  You cannot view this attachment.
Well, i did some basic investigating and tracked it approximately to a pole a block from the house. Called the utility company and they sent a lineman to talk to me. He looked around and found a capacitor bank ground wire was touching metal and causing the buzzing. He was really surprised that i was able to track it down and had mentioned how they usually dont find the issue if they get a call. Om still thinking about building a DF antenna and some sort of an attenuation box just for situations like this. Maybe even build a fox transmitter and get a local fox hunt going.
Ive been plagued with a noisy utility pole since i moved to my new QTH and it has grown to an S8. I think ive narrowed it pretty close driving around with the AM reciever running. It totally overpowers all the AM broadcast several hundred yards away. I was wondering if any of you guys had a good homebrew DF antenna design that i could build to pinpoint this problem.   
Ill definitely start using 30 more, i would like to understand the propagation better. But first i need to build a DF antenna so i can find the cause of my RF interference problem. I narrowed it down to a block because it just overpowers the AM broadcast in my Jeep.
Gil, ive been giving 30m some serious thought lately. I have a utility pole that has been giving me s9 noise at my new QTH on just about every band. Its on 30 but not nearly as pronounced. My only concern is that it seems like ive got to go 25wpm to hang. Im sure people slow down but its a bit easier to find people around 7.050 cruising at 15-18wpm. I plan on making a 30 m HWEF and putting it up in the yard just to see what propagation is like.
Im really excited about the mini. I have the original QCX in both 40 and 20. So the problem now becomes what band/s do i opt for. 40 has proven reliable with the cycle the way it is but everything i own has 40 on it so it doesn't make sense. 20 has been just about dead for me over the last year and i dont really enjoy operating on it. I have been interested in giving 17m a look. Wire antennas are fairly short and getting it up high enough to have a good radiation pattern feels like it is more doable than the lower bands. 
Classifieds / WANTED: Elecraft KAT1
September 24, 2020, 05:44:55 PM
Looking for an unbuilt/built internal ATU for the Elecraft K1.
The QCX is a great kit. Id also like to say its a little more advanced than a beginner kit but not so unreasonable that you need a lot of experience. Its $50 so if you do make a mistake its not going to break the bank (like an elecraft kit would). I have built 2 of them and am looking forward the the SMD version Hans is working on. General output is around 3-5 watts depending on your battery and how deliberate you wind your torroids. The board is also set up to experiment with add-ons and other things. 
Licensing / Re: How many here are already licensed?
September 20, 2020, 07:02:01 PM
Licensed since 2013. Taking the Extra exam in 2 weeks.