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General Discussion / How prepped are you?
April 08, 2022, 10:00:17 AM
For the last couple of years, the wife and myself have been fairly conscious of a need to prepare. We bought a small, self sufficient house, on two hectares(5 acres) of land and slowly started the renovations. It is, fairly difficult for me as I am in a wheelchair. And being in the chair, would make it more difficult for us to bug out somewhere if we had to. That being said we both have bug out bags, packed and ready to go. We have installed a grid tied solar system (with battery storage), which will still work if the grid goes down. The wife is mad about canning food, and we grow our own food. We have a couple of shotguns, and other less lethal options in the house. (although here in France I will probably get locked up for using them, for self defense). So last thing we want to get in order, is emergency communications. I have a couple of Baofeng radios, but they are fairly limited in range, and not much happening around this way, that I can pick up. I have just programmed some pmr446 frequencies, to keep in touch with the wife. I have just bought a tecsun S2000 for some SW listening, and will likely run a long wire outside for an aerial. I don't have a license, so it will only be for listening. I might take it up as a hobby when I have more time.
Are there any emergency stations/frequencies I should monitor (I am in France), or is it just a case of scanning through and seeing what I can find.

Hopefully I have put this in the right section.
I don't think I am a wanted man! Well not now anyway. I have been in contact with them in the UK and it turns out I can do the tests online, using a friend or family members address, and then apply for a reciprocal license here in France. So I will make a start on reading what I have to.
Hi Gil, Thanks for the welcome. I live quite close to Limoges, but I'm from the UK originally. Is it possible to get a UK license whilst not living there? I'll have to do some more searching. French for me is really quite hard, I did start learning Italian once and found that much easier. I'll try to get setup and start listening to what is going on. Thanks.
Hi, I have just stumbled across this forum whilst searching YouTube. I am here to learn more.
The wife and I can see the bigger picture when it comes to being prepared and I am interested in communications when SHTF.
I am in France, but struggle with the language (been here twelve years). I can manage when its face to face with people but find it hard on the telephone etc.
Do people broadcast in English here in France?
We use PMR radios on our own property for keeping in touch with each other, I have an old CB radio that I have dug out and also a Baofeng radio which I use just for listening!
Please excuse me if I come here and ask stupid questions, I haven't used radio since I was in the Air Cadets many years ago.
I would like to get into it a bit more but fear the language might be a road block for me here in France.