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At this URL you will find 8 pages of well-written arguments in favor of CW. Recommended reading!

COPYRIGHT 2006: James Wades for the Michigan Net, QMN and National Radio Emergency Net. This article may be reproduced and distributed provided credit is given to the author and the Michigan Net, QMN and National Radio Emergency Net.
Off-Grid Ham Radio OH8STN:

This YouTube Channel contains a wealth of useful information!

— Numerous videos are ordered in categories (and much more):
• Portable Ham Radio Reviews
• Portable Ham Radio Go Kits
• Ham Radio for Preppers
• Microsoft Surface for Ham Radio
• Ham Radio with a Raspberry Pi
• Battery & Solar Power for Ham Radio

Some of these videos have been linked to as comments in various topics here.

I thought it would be nice to have them at your fingertips.
For those who thought HF and MF can be scrapped and replaced entirely by satellite, you can read here what happened when one of the major providers of satellite service was hacked the day Russia attacked Ukraine in February 2022:

Google Translate will do a decent job here if you don't read Norwegian.

A couple of background links about the break of communications:
Morse Code / Improving your morse code skills
August 05, 2022, 01:34:39 AM

QuoteFree Morse Code Training Course for Beginners
Learn Morse Code from a professional
by Ham Radio Veteran & Morse Code Instructor: Richard C. Fitch (W5RCF)

Lots of useful stuff for beginners:

• Complete Chart of Morse Code Characters with Audio
• List of commonly used Morse Code Abbreviations & Shorthand
• CW Q Codes
General Discussion / Merry Christmas from Norway!
December 14, 2019, 03:27:06 AM
I recently found this Norwegian Christmas card, I guess it's up to a century old. Merry Christmas!

For the folkloristic background of these guys, see:
General Discussion / Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd.
November 27, 2019, 04:41:25 PM
Quote from: gil on November 14, 2016, 09:57:33 AMI use UHF here more than VHF, so I really would like the RigExpert AA-600 ...  —

QuoteThis is the official page of Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. company, which is the owner of RigExpert brand. This trademark is registered in Ukraine as well as in the USA.

We produce antenna analyzers, transceiver interfaces, ARDF equipment and amateur radio software ...

This company has been referred to only once before in the forum. Now Norway's largest vendor of ham equipment is offering several Rig Expert products. So I guess they produce high quality goods?  —

Anyone in here with user experience of any Rig Expert products?
Morse Code / Morse Mania
November 12, 2019, 11:09:40 AM
Quote from: vy2js on November 11, 2019, 08:40:42 PM
Using a great phone app called Morse Mania ...

Puzzled to find that this great software hasn't been mentioned in the forum until today. Here is the developer's site:

I started using Morse Mania on my desktop Mac more than 20 years ago:

The desktop/laptop version is Mac only, but for cellphones they have made it for both dominant systems:
Military Radios / The UK PRC 316 / A-16
November 09, 2019, 08:52:43 PM
Morse Code / Morse Code Class 01 & 02 by KN4GB via W4EEY
September 24, 2019, 11:04:15 PM
69 plus 75 minutes of Morse Code classroom instruction for beginners, well worth viewing for those who want to learn [Learn Morse Code with KN4GB and the class]: [Morse Code Class 01] [Morse Code Class 02]


YouTube channel, many Morse videos:

W4EEY linked to a 31 pages long PDF:
[Introduction To Morse Code — By Melvyn Robinson — KN4GB]

This $350 transceiver from Odessa in Ukraine looks very interesting and affordable to me.

• "This is a small-size 10 band short-wave QRP transceiver."
• "The transceiver has small dimensions of 100x103x30 mm. and a light weight of 430 grams. It will suit both for work on the field trip, on nature, at the dacha .... So for everyday work, at home."
• "Power supply voltage: 9-14.8V (Rated supply voltage 13.8V)".
• "Consumed current in the "RX" receiving mode and 25% loudness: ~ 120mA. At 100% loudness: up to  ~ 250mA."

— They say nothing about batteries — so what would be an optimal battery taking this set for hiking in the mountains?

Also, any comment, such as user experience, will be valuable to me.

Edit: Removed 'the' before Ukraine:
Quote from: 32 is a new multifunctional Morse code machine specifically built for anyone wanting to learn Morse code or improve their Morse code skills. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the system which has launched by a Kickstarter and already raised its required goal with still 12 days remaining on its campaign.

The development team behind the Morserino 32 explain more about its creation and features.

"This kit will change how people learn and practice Morse code. Based on a previous device (the MetaMorserino) and on the experiences of CW Schule Graz, Morserino-32 features a number of functionalities that are, in its combination, unrivalled by any other morse code practice device on the market"

– CW Keyer
– Code Generator
– Echo Trainer (repeat what you hear)
– CW Decoder (from a straight key or from audio input)"
– CW Transceiver, using LoRa in the 70cm band"

It comes with capacitive touch paddles, so you can start learning and practicing without the need to buy an expensive mechanical paddle. But of course, once you have learned the basics and are on your way to the High Speed Club, you can of course connect your favorite mechanical paddle."

Much more here:
Quote from:
For Preppers, the Apocalypse Is Just Another Disaster

The prepping movement has a bad image spurred by right-wing extremists. But preppers are a largely misunderstood bunch.

Radios are mentioned only briefly: "... the usefulness of short wave radios ...".

QuoteHelge Fykse  [LA6NCA] — Published 30 Nov. 2017

I show here two of the best radio receivers made during WW2.
E52b and Lo6K39a.
Lo6K39a is probably the world's best TRF receiver.
E52b is the best receiver made during the war.
Morse Code / Learn Morse Code in 20 Lessons (Koch Method)
September 20, 2017, 12:53:07 AM
Quote from:
You want to learn Samuel F. B. Morse's (shown above) most famous code. The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) wants to help. Mark Kleine N5HZR developed this series of web pages to help you learn the 40 characters of the International Morse Code in about 20 lessons. Additionally, you can continue to practice hearing your code for another 20 lessons. In the first lesson we introduce two characters, the letters K and M. Think of this as if you're learning the sounds 'momma' and 'dada', as an infant. You'll listen to these characters, learning to hear, and differentiate their two sounds. Then, you'll come back each, and every day (or two) and listen to 2 new characters in 5 lessons of 5 minutes each. You don't have to listen to all 5 at one time. You can listen to a couple the 5 minute sessions at breakfast, one at lunch, and the last two in the evening. Make each lesson enjoyable, and you'll have a better experience.

Each day you'll build on the characters you already know. During the first week, you may feel frustrated or you may have trouble hearing each individual character. However, by day 5 or so, you will start to notice that the characters are 'slowing down', and you can differentiate the characters. In reality, you're simply learning to hear these tones quicker.

You should concentrate on how each character sounds, and don't rely on a visual representation of the code. Listen to the characters, and hear the rhythm of each one. You will hear Morse Code sent at 20 Words Per Minute (WPM), sent at full speed, from the very first lesson. These tones are purposely sent too fast to count the beeps. You should be training your ear to hear the sound of the character, like you hear the sound of a word. Listen when you are able concentrate on what you're doing, and not overburdened with other activities. Remember, this should be fun. Enjoy the process. So, when you're ready, sign up for the free reminder emails right here, and start with lesson 1, we hope you'll make it through the 40 lessons, and LearnMorse!

Email Notifications
The best way to learn Morse Code is to spend 30 minutes a day listening to code. The best way to make that happen is to have someone else remind you to do it. Enter your email address, and click SUBMIT to start receiving these messages.

The Commander of Task Force (CTF) 75, Fleet Combat Camera Pacific (U.S. Navy), has recently discovered that HF Radio across the Pacific actually works ...

Quote from:
Commander, Task Force (CTF) 75 successfully completed communications systems tests using high-frequency (HF) radio waves to broadcast voice and data 6,050 miles from Naval Base Guam to Port Hueneme, California, July 27, 2017.

The assessment tested the capabilities of expeditionary forces to use HF waves to deliver data over the Pacific. HF has become a viable alternative for military forces when more common forms of communication, such as satellites, are unavailable.
Common communication devices used by the U.S. military incorporate satellites. CTF-75 has been testing HF systems in the case of satellite communication failure. HF is a frequency wave broadcast that is transmitted around the curvature of the Earth. Unlike other forms of frequencies, such as very-high frequencies and ultra-high frequencies, the transmission is not distorted by terrain or physical obstructions.

"We may not always have access to operational equipment or the latest assets, but as communicators we should have a backup plan that is ready to be executed," said Carmon.

Well done, boys! — Next: The Wheel. And then: Gunpowder ...
I cannot find this Italian radio mentioned anywhere in this forum. Anyone here familiar with it?

I am asking because Norway's major ham outlet runs a summer sale with a 25% discount on this one, and I am considering selling my unused Yaesu FT-817ND to acquire the ELAD FDM-DUO instead.

Some links concerning this radio, mostly reviews:  (Several reviews; mostly very favorable.)  —  (Manufacturer's site.)  (U.S. shop.)  (Where the summer sale is.)