Hambuilder review? Anybody?

Started by NWARadio, December 30, 2017, 10:55:59 PM

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I sold almost all my radio stuff a while back and now I'm thinking of getting another one. But, I'm just not keen on spending nearly a thousand dollars again for a radio that I mostly listen to. (I found, over time, that I really didn't have much to say) I thoroughly enjoyed 17m for the special even stations and lack of contesting and want 80m for NVIS experiments. Also, I want cheap, cw and ssb. To that end, I've found this:
Haven't seen it on the eBay store yet, but the single band model is only $170 or so. Anybody here heard anything about these or have any experience with them? I know I'll probably end up shelling out four or five hundred dollars for one of the usual suspects, but until I give up the search, I'll be hoping for something less expensive and as useful.
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Looks good to me. I would love to try one...


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That looks great for the price!  This really is the glory days of Ham Radio!

Give some thought to the uBITX.  It's an all HF band, 10W radio, except no box.  For $109 you get a fully tested set of boards you wire up in whatever box you want.
If you know someone with a 3D printer, there's already 2 enclosure designs posted on thingiverse.com

If you're a builder like me, starting about a year ago I began feeling like a kid in a candy store with too much to choose from ;D


Another vote for the UBITX. I have one on back order.
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