FRS3/2M local net slowly expanding to national/global net

Started by Fritz, May 13, 2021, 11:33:38 AM

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We have a fairly well established local FRS prepper net once a week. It's split about 50/50 between hams and non-hams (the non-hams are -allegedly- working on getting their license ;) ) 

The net covers a pretty large local area and we have one area we can't reach with FRS. Fortunately one of the guys in that area is a ham and we follow up the FRS net with a quick, impromptu 2m simplex net to pass any traffic. The 2m simplex net is growing into it's own established net, which is pretty neat.

Our local net is in south, central New Mexico and there are few other, less active, nets around the state.  We try to connect all the local nets on 7.242 and 40m JS8Call but it's been really 'hit or miss'. ...for a lot of reasons

If anyone wants to check into our -very informal- HF nets we're on 7.242 LSB from 00:00Z to 00:15Z and 7.078 JS8Call from 00:15Z to 00:30Z

On the voice net we call "CQ NPN" and on JS8Call it's "CQ @NPN" (you need to add the @NPN group in JS8Call).  We also use @NMPRN for our state net but there's usually only two of us on that one.

Fritz NM5XD