PLEASE READ! Welcome to Radio Preppers.

Started by gil, May 09, 2012, 02:11:40 PM

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Welcome aboard :-) keep an ear out for me on week-ends!


Hi Gil,

ok I'll try to be QRV on weekends (but more noisy due to contest an other sport radio activities )

73 de EA8CAY/P


Hello everyone
Name is Bill, new here and call sign id K8OB.I have participated in the radio prepper net hosted by shawn dunbar in the past. Been a ham since 2019,currently hold an extra class license and have ran a prepper net group here in MI on 2m and on 75m called The Great Lakes Preparedness Net (formerly Rust Belt Net). Looking to stay in contact with other like minded individuals.


Welcome, we're a slow, but steady, group. I've moved recently, and need to get an antennae in the air. The good news is I'm hundreds of feet higher in elevation, so my DX should improve considerably.


Indeed it has been slow.. I think also that the "unread posts" feature doesn't always work for some reason.. I have clearly missed posts I had not read yet..


Hello my name is Steve and I'm an addict.  I started with a Baofengs and over the years I have progressed to the hardcore stuff, Elecraft.  My radio of choice though is the Yaesu FT-817nd withe a Buddistick vertical.  I found the YouTube channel that led me here.  Thanks Gil for hosting this forum.