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Started by KK0G, October 28, 2013, 10:29:48 PM

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A friend of mine is selling an Asus EeePC, but without an operating system, or with Linux installed.. Any takers?



I have an old EeeBook loaded with a version of Ubuntu (Linux) and have used it for Fldigi.  Unfortunately, WINMOR (e-mail over radio) is a Windows only program.  While there have been many attempts at making a Linux based, HF WINMOR (RMSexpress) , so far, not a single one that I have seen so far actually worked in Linux.   This is a shame because I WANT both Linux and HF WINMOR, e-mail over radio.  Of course, I WANT to be wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, slim and have a full-time Japanese sushi chef on premises at all times.

So far, THAT want list is not coming to fruition.

The EeeBook however, great for the many keyboard to keybord modes in FLdigi, whether Linux or Windoze...

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Ps.  I'm on E-bay right now, looking for an anemometer to tune-up these antennas.... HHHHHHHHHAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha h!
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I just wanted to make sure that the people who will read this thread in the future are aware of the newer model of 7.5w TDP CPU SoC laptops which are now floating around.

I manage to get 4-5 hours out of mine and the battery is a simple little stick no longer than 20 cm inside of the laptop. It is from memory 1.7Ah which is considerably less than the eeepc laptop yet will last the same amount of time easily.

I would be ditching the Intel Atom and going for one of these newer 7.5w cpus if I were you guys. Atom is obsolete for sure!

I have owned an eeepc 1000H for quite some time now and I can tell you it is completely useless and has sat on my shelf for quite some years now. MAINLY because of the tiny little keyboard on it. I cannot type properly on it, my hands are so big that I have to use just two fingers to type on the eeepc keyboard and make errors every second or third keypress. In stark contrast to this X751MA keyboard which is so vast that I could play golf on it. Yes the keys are actually painfully too far apart from each other. It makes my fingers get stressed over time because they are stretching to reach the keys. But at least my typing speed is considerably faster on the X751MA compared to the 2-finger designed-for-asians keyboard on the 1000H.


I have a ASUS C300 EDU with the N2830 Intel Celeron dual core 64 bit 2.16 MHz processor, 4 GB RAM and 32 GB SSD. It's a Chromebook and I have Ubuntu installed using Crouton. It's the front end for a future digital comms rig.

I switched from an ARM processor to Intel in order to install some programs with native libraries not compiled for ARM. The Raspberry PI has the same ARM processor, so it's a consideration when figuring out what to run.

The Chromebook gets ~11 hrs on a charge and charges fast. What's not to like? I found on open box item on Amazon Warehouse, and haven't looked back.

If you're considering a netbook, take a look at the Chromebook. We have 5 of them for the family, with the latest edition being the ASUS. The older ones are the Samsung 303C with 16 GB SSD and 2 GB RAM, which you can pick up used on Craigslist for ~$100


I now use a refurbished Dell Venue 8 tablet.  I got it for under $150 USD.  It runs WINMOR, FLDIGI and any other comms program I could load into it. The form factor is very good for portable, it's thrifty with power. Because I run some form of Linux on internet, this solved my not having a Windoze machine for WINMOR/RMSexpress.

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Well, looks like I inherited the Asus! I'll install Linux Mint Xfce edition..