Anderson powerpole for Delta Loop connection?

Started by Rescue9, January 17, 2016, 01:26:30 am

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I'm building a delta loop out back as the random wire in the attic really isn't functional. I'm considering using a couple of 30amp Anderson power connectors to connect each end of the wire to the balun as I'd like this setup to be as portable as possible. I plan on running no more than 150W through this setup and am using 14 or 16 awg for wire. Thoughts?


Electrically, they'll be just fine.  They pull out kind of easy, but I assume you've got that covered.

I don't know much about delta loops.  Are you doing a single band or can you force good tunes with a tuner over several bands?


From what I've read and seen I can comfortably work all HF depending on the length of wire and feed point. I'm going to try a 30 - 10 with the wire I have on hand and if it works well I'll rework for 80-10. Maybe like a variable length end-fed style as its easier to pack.