Looks like I found a base for my DCP paddle!

Started by gil, August 11, 2012, 01:40:34 am

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August 11, 2012, 01:40:34 am Last Edit: August 11, 2012, 01:44:57 am by gil

You need a good base for your paddle, right? Well, I bought the DCP paddle kit from American Morse (http://americanmorse.com/dcp.htm). it is a neat little paddle, works really well, doesn't cost much, and is easy to build. I needed to put it on something solid, and what could be better than my Rock-Mite 40? A marriage made in heaven. The Rock-Mite 40 is mounted in a Mity Box, also from American Morse. It is held in place by one screw through the lid, and I used little rubber feet from Radio Shack on the box. The paddle itself has some, so it doesn't move at all. Wherever I take my K1, I will have a CW transceiver backup! I am up to half the alphabet in my code learning endeavor...

Have a great Week-end  :)



This pic has got me looking at the Porta Paddle-II from American Morse.  I Love that color blue!  But wait, I've already got 2 Benchers.
The KX1 from Elecraft looks pretty tempting also. 
I'd better ramp up my morse studying!


Hi Brian,

The DCP paddle works great, though, of course I am no expert. It took me a long time to decide between the K1 and the KX1. The K1 won, but not by much. The KX1 has the advantage of wide SW receive and the 80m band with the 4-band module. To get 80 on the K1, I have to switch filter boards, and that means opening the box, removing the ATU, switching the filter board, then re-setting the band allocation in the menu.. The K1 though has a speaker, 7W output, and it's ATU is better. It is a tough choice. I might still get a KX1, so I'll have a backup. "Two is one, one is none." Golden rule of prepping!

More and more I have been thinking of not getting into SSB. At least, not until I can have a conversation in Morse code at 20wpm, head-copying. I plan on getting an SSB radio, maybe MFJ-9440, and just keep it in a box until then. I also have thought of the K2, but that is a lot of money just to add SSB to my present capabilities.