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Started by Koto, July 13, 2017, 08:12:45 PM

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I have a question regarding connecting an end fed wire to a Jackite pole. One of my antennas is a EARCHI matchbox which has no loop on the end. I've seen some that come crimped into a loop. The 28' pole I have has a small loop at the tip so do I ziptie the looped antenna to the end  or is there another way someone might recommend. Hoping to try vertical and sloping configurations.



Hello Rich.

I usually glue my wire to a pen cap so that I can slid it on top of the fishing pole I use. This way it can easily be removed. It's not very secure, but it works for me. You can use something a bit longer, maybe a few inches of plastic tubing... I also sometimes just use a piece of string. See this video:



  The cap of a pen is a great idea.

I attach to the wire a small piece of paracord with a Hanged knot to fit in the fĂ­shing pole, It gives no surprises with the mountain high wind.

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Thanks for the advice...I will get out the hot glue gun!