New from Kansas

Started by Sunflower, September 03, 2012, 11:44:46 AM

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New from Kansas. I read SurvivalBlog. I have been wanting to learn about HAM or other forms of SHTF communications. I find this site over my head, but still helpful. I have already learned quite a bit just from reading the many replies to threads.

I have been quilting for about 20 years, so "thread(s)" has a very different meaning for me most the time. My first blog membership activity was with CoinTalk almost 3 years ago?, then Goldismoney2, then StampExchange. I have joined other Forum sites for brief periods but dropped out rather quickly. Not sure if this one will be a keeper, but think it will. I like learning, and there is so much opportunity here.

A HAM I meet via YouTube helped me pick out my first radios. They are shortwave receiver types only. Sorry I do not know the Lingo yet. I would like to learn Morris Code and have a reason to use it. My memory was harmed with a brain stem injury/traumatic brain injury in 1990/1991. I was 28 then, now 51. I have recovered mostly, but still have learning disabilities compared to the 135-140 IQ I once tested at. Now about 89 IQ if I recall. I still am smart, just a lot slower.

Have been prepping consciously for about 4 years. I did a little around Y2K, and did the EarthQuake lite preps back in my days when living in Southern California. In Kansas, I started prepping for winter and for tornados. The prepping I began 4 years ago was around a gnawing concern for topics related to Govt issues/economics.

Target shooting is fun and very enjoyable, but have not practice much in recent seasons. As my husband's health declines, it gets harder to get out. We live on a 120 acre farm in North West/Central Kansas. We are the first and only house on the main Hwy for miles, so drifters show up occasionally seeking water/food. I have a big dog, a few big guns, but would like to add to our arsnel some effective communications. Cell Phones do not work too well at our place. My husband and I use 2-way radios often as part of our daily gear. My husband is paralized due to stroke from 2002. He was not a Ham, but did hangglide, dirt bike ride, mechanic, and farm.

I feel like the most unexperienced here, but also feel I would receive a ton of loving support to accomplish my aims to feel safer by learning to use a HAM or other equipment effectively from the home in the event of an emergency.

Thanks again for creating this site.