EFHW QRP radial?

Started by PBrad74, May 02, 2019, 06:51:37 pm

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First off, I'd like to say hello. I joined radio preppers yesterday so look forward to catching up on some reading here. I have been a technician since 2013 and have mostly 2m band from my vehicle, no base station. However, within the last year I have ordered and built the QRP Labs QCX 5W kit for 40m, which works amazing for the $49 that I paid. I am in the process of learning CW from lcwo.net and the K7QO Code Course from FISTS store. I also include listening in on 40m as daily practice with the MFJ 1984-LP (end fed half wave) as my antenna. So this leaves me with a few questions. For qrp operations while out hiking/camping, would a radial be beneficial or do I even need one? Does it need to be grounded? As I mentioned earlier, I'm still learning so I won't be doing any transmitting at all but I want to take it camping next weekend, set it up and listen in on all the QSO's. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I think QRP will be more effective with a ground Radial or Counterpoise!  Running good QRP requires a GOOOOOD Antenna System to really get out! Just S 1 to 2 signals is not good with 5 watts or Less. Good Luck on your Moarse Code and hope to hear you on the Bands. De WV1Q
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Radials are not necessary for half-wave end-fed antennas. You essentially will detune your antenna with radials. It's already a half wave, no need to add more wire. Some say that a short 0.05wl counterpoise helps, on 40m that's 3.3ft... I have never needed one. Radials are for quarter-wave verticals, not half-wave wires.