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Started by raybiker73, October 09, 2012, 09:01:53 pm

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I try to do a little CW practice every day, even if I only have 10 minutes here and there to work on it. Every evening, I've been finishing up by using the "Ham Morse" app on iPhone to copy 5-letter groups. Tonight, I did a whole page of 5 letter groups at 10WPM with no errors! I know it's still pretty slow, but for me it's a major breakthrough and I just wanted to brag a little bit.  :) :) :)


Excellent, you're 2wpm ahead of me, now I need to catch up  ;)



Actually - that is tremendous!  Clear text in context is so much easier to copy than groups - really.  Ray (hmmmm , that name sounds familiar) , go forth a conquer.  Go enjoy some short QSO's on the air!  That will make is more enjoyable and also give you a reward for your copy (or at least hearing loss...)   :o

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Quote from: gil on October 09, 2012, 09:16:02 pm
Excellent, you're 2wpm ahead of me, now I need to catch up  ;)

Nah, you're there.   ;)

Congrats Ray. Anyone on one of the SKCC's "Elmer" frequencies would be tickled to pick you up and have a nice QSO with you.  You'd be surprised at the people that can contest at a pretty good clip but, when pressed, will tell you that their favorite conversational speed is in the area of something like 12-16wpm (maybe 18 for those who have no brakes on an old bug).

As Ray said (no, the other one): Go forth, enjoy.
FWIW, in the big MIL random group WPM ratings were* the norm because of the inherent need to have no-BS 100% copy when lives depended on it. Straight English is too easily "filled in" by our brain.

Great job, drive on!

* I say "were" because I believe, sadly, none of the big-4 teach it anymore. I think the only place it's still a real requirement is for licensed maritime radio signal officers as their license category progresses and these are commerical merchant marine folks. Begs the question, who's on the distant-end...? More info welcome.

Maybe better back in '89. LINK to the MS Prinsendam rescue sound files Scroll down to the little square on the left (SOS DE PJTA) and listen to what ocean, hearing alot of weather for a 15,000 mile area, and a CW SOS sounds like. You think you hear weather & junk on 40m....  Pretty good read of a story too.


Nice to hear. I am doing something similar with a computer - not phone app. One night went really well. 20 wpm, 3 and 4 minute runs. Some errors, but not too many. Only two letters though. :-\