Adding SSB to my Elecraft K2 with the KSB2 card.

Started by gil, October 19, 2012, 06:41:49 PM

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The K2 is first and foremost a CW radio. It excels in that role. Having voice capability though is always a plus, you never know when you're going to need it. I also want the radio to be usable by other people, in case of an emergency. It doesn't do any good to have a radio only one person can use if the unconscious victim is the radio guy!

My Elecraft KSB2 kit arrived yesterday and I went to work immediately. The kit is rather small, but it's components fit very tightly together. With the excellent Elecraft manual, it was a breeze to build. That of course, after building the K2... The only thing that annoys me to no end is that Elecraft always leaves parts out on the original kits which are part of the upgrades, but should have been provided up front. So, I had to disassemble my front panel to install a few components that could have been shipped with the K2 kit. They do that EVERY SINGLE TIME! At least I didn't have to remove the heat-sink as with the auto-tuner option. What a pain...

After installation, the module worked right away, no bad surprises. I aligned the filters using Spectrogram. The microphone by the way was lifted from my Icom IC-271A. I just wired the K2 for Icom mikes. I checked in the Maritime Net on 14300 and got a good report from Jamaica, clear audio! You can see the KSB2 below installed in the K2:

As you can see above, the K2 is a complex kit. I really love the radio though. The receiver is excellent. There are just enough features, but nothing extra, just the way I like it. The last addition to my K2 will be the internal battery option. After that, we'll call it DONE!



Very nicely executed. The nuances of voice being what they are (or sometimes aren't) that well-known receiver quality in the Elecraft will put this to good use. They've always been known for great "ears."

I'm gonna guess you checked in with Rooney, 6Y5RP. Fine gentleman and makes good use of that big salt-water mirror around him.
Good deal.  :)


White Tiger

Almost as purty as my (retro) Omni D!


Excellent work!
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