Preppers to be treated as terrorists

Started by WA4STO, October 26, 2012, 11:36:20 AM

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Quote from: gil on September 10, 2013, 10:03:41 PM
Good idea, better start a new thread...

Fine idea sir.  As an edumacation for people newer into the struggle against Marxism, I'd have to recommend that the War Between the States books be kept on the back burner, since there's probably more pressing subjects.

KKOG's recommendations of Bracken's works are spot on.  If buying or choosing only one of the three, choose the third of Brackens trilogy on Enemies.  That book brings it home, especially to people who live in the south.
I've read the other two of Bracken's first two, and can pass on them as being important for a list of books to read.  Of course, once you've read the third, you will want to read the other two.
Castigo Key, I could pass on as a recommended read, it's more of a pleasurable one.
KKOG's recommendation of John Shaw's Unintended Consequences cannot be disputed.  Everybody needs to read that book, it's from the Clinton era and tells how one person and his buds foil the bad people.  The book is written in small segments that start more than a hundred years ago.  It is easy to pick up at the last place you put it down. I ordered one when it first came out, and found another for cheap.  Each of them have been kept in circulation within my circle.  And I've gotten both of them back, which may say something about the better folks
Anybody who thinks currently that he is a rational person, has to have gotten Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged under his belt.  It is a hard slog, but worthwhile.  As is most anything else that she has written.  I recall sitting on M1956 web gear in the mountains of southern Utah a generation or so ago, diving into my pack while waiting for a helicopter to come take me up the line.  What generally came out of the pack, was an Ayn Rand paperback of essays.
Cheers, Gil, on your reading list solicitations.


Another vote for a "recommended reading list" type thread or sticky, extracting the relevant portions of this one as a start perhaps. Thanks archangel for reading & resurrecting - threads do morph here from time to time. In this case it provides the excuse to go out and snag something(s) that get the $25 free shipping from Amazon, so I will be all over Shrouds of Glory. The recommendation coming from someone who seems to have a keen eye for terrain no matter where he treds, I'll snag it. Winters are long up here sometimes, so might have to get the Shelby Foote trilogy as well.

Have read Bracken's other books less Castigo Cay, which just arrived and I'll read over time. Matt was waiting for some blank ones to arrive so he could autograph it for me & turns out he did so on my birthday.

Pleasant the way this thread has turned out.


Great suggestions guys! I am still battling Marxism at my local coffee shop  :o Lots of students there who think they understand. But I stand of the shoulders of great people (who said that again?) who have put in words what I have always felt and provide me with arguments that can't be refuted. So, I piss off a lot of people ;D Only a couple days ago one of those guts was bloating that he was stealing from the grocery store. I said "I hope you get arrested." and gave him a lecture. What an idiot. Reading Ayn Rand really made me understand that there are two kinds of people: the producers and the leaches. I remember watching a survival show wiith a dozen people dropped in the Alaskan wilderness. Half of them worked their asses off, the others sat down complaining.. Had I been there it would have made great reality TV  :o "No, I'm not sharing that rabbit! What have you done today?" Hehehe. These days I let things slide more.. I am getting tired of explaining how the world works to a bunch of morons. I don't know it all, but darn, once you look at it from the right point of view, it all makes sense. There is no going back after that. Nowhere else than in this country has it been expressed better and put down on paper as law. Unfortunately, evil is at work to change that. I can only suspect the next decade will be fairly "interesting..." Me, well, the winters in Idaho don't look so unpleasant anymore.. I've only been there in the summer, but I'm starting to think... I also liked Montana, Wyomimg and Southern Utah. Florida is not a good survival state: No way out but up, one highway per coast.. Pretty much sea level. Not much food available. Not much of anything... Going on a tangent again  ;)



If we're going for straight-up individual liberty, possibly the best book on the topic isn't philosophy or drama, but science fiction. Everyone should be required to read "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert Heinlein. It's one of my favorite books of all time, and an example of libertarian fiction at its finest. The unabridged Audible version is also fantastic, because the narrator does a wonderful job with the voices. Five stars, two thumbs up, and whatever else you can come up with. Read this book.

If you're into more pulpy sci-fi, check out "The Probability Broach" by L. Neil Smith. It, and the rest of the North American Confederacy series, are all very fun reads.

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If non-fiction qualifies "Liberty Amendments" by Mark Levin.


The previously mentioned Heinlein book is a good read. For those who are pre- Civil War history buffs I can recommend American Insurgents, American Patriots by T.H. Breen. Primarily deals with events leading up to the reckoning of Lexington-Concord and what Americans (as they began to call themselves) did in reaction to intolerable acts from the throne, the difficult position a somewhat pitiable General Gage was put into by his monarch, and local (local, local, local) actions to either sway or tar & feather the miscreants in their midst. (Imagine if there'd been a CW net up & down the coast, folks wouldn't have waited for parchments & newspapers & writings of their ministers.)

Well told by a true historian. It's notable to me for a couple of things still relevant. First, it is a fine exploration into the fact that - at the time - the American "tipping point" before impolite action against tyrants was a heavy weight to reach; the decision to go to guns was made heavily and with much trepidation until the opening volley. Second, the end-notes are very thorough and will, by themselves, perhaps spawn a whole 'nuther reading list on that topic. It's also readable in snippets for those who keep a nightstand read around next to the latest action thriller.

We should keep the recommendations going - on whatever topic - if for no other reason than KK0G will need breaks during the winter while he studies & saves to slip the surly bonds of Earth. Likely, regardless of the book's subject, we're likely to find some similarities that tell us about ourselves as well.


Hey Gil,

Keep up the good work teaching how bad MARX is. I tell any Lib/progressive/commiePinko/socialist/facist I come across that they are all the same. They want to tell you what to think, what to read, who to love, who to hate, how to raise your children, how much you can earn, what to do with your own property & buisness, how often to flush the toilet, how much poo poo paper you can use, etc. And they want to use the force of the government to make you do things their way. They are ALL the SAME. Ying/Yang  Same/same.

This is all contrary to the American way of life and the US. Constitution which limits government and gives liberty and freedom to the individual. They are fond of calling me a conservatives a "Nazi", when it is just the other way around. Some folks just have never thought about this and they really think a little socialism is a good thang. They really do not know until you tell them. Keep up the teaching, Gil. It helps but watch your blood pressure.  :)


Quote from: KC9TNH on September 10, 2013, 11:05:24 PMIn this case it provides the excuse to go out and snag something(s) that get the $25 free shipping from Amazon, so I will be all over Shrouds of Glory. The recommendation coming from someone who seems to have a keen eye for terrain no matter where he treds, I'll snag it. Winters are long up here sometimes....
Am as impatient as KK0G, couldn't wait for the snow to fly. If you enjoy a tactical treatment of events during the War of Northern Aggression - factual, but very well done in a storyteller kind of flow - Shrouds of Glory is worth every penny.  Almost couldn't put it down till I walked down the street while waiting for some car maintenance & tire quote and another '62 Strat caught my eye...

A fine recommendation to our list.