Voice Of America digital broadcast this week-end.

Started by gil, March 23, 2013, 12:10:19 AM

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This worked for me.  I was usinf FLdigi and my RTL SRD dongle into an HF upconvertor as my HF receiver. The daytime transmission on 17.XXX MHz was too high in freq for good coverage, but I could copy them probably JUST because they're putting out a significant portion of a megaWatt.  The digital decoded fine on almost all counts.

The night transmission was good enough for the digital to work VERY well and even the FLmsg created an HTML page and launched the browser on my laptop remotely.  That was rather cool!

So - there may be some promise with tis.  Also VOA, intheir programming specifically mentioned this as a work around for internet failures to send text and pictures to those who might not have access to internet whether due to natural or manmade disaster or political censorship.   Hmmmmm - VOA 'preppers'.  Who would have known?    ;D

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