KX3 with Palm Mini Paddle.

Started by gil, September 30, 2013, 09:35:48 pm

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September 30, 2013, 09:35:48 pm Last Edit: September 30, 2013, 10:20:12 pm by gil

I was talking to my CWOps buddy Les (W9XC) about paddles the other night. He has the KX3 paddle, but I was voicing some doubts about build quality. From what he says they are good, just not quite worth the asking price. My American Morse paddles are good, but there is no good way to attach them to the KX3. Then he mentioned trying the Palm Mini Paddles on the side of the radio, attached with the new 3M Dual-Lock (i.e. like Velcro, only better). I must have been drooling on the video chat, because since he has two, he offered to lend me one! Which I received today. Boy, those are nice! They fit perfectly on the right side of the KX3, flush with the top, and just barely touching the BNC antenna connector. It is as if they were made for it! They also operate very well. I am about to try them with Ray, if he finds me on 7120 tonight  :o Otherwise I'll try the gang on 7037 at ten. There is no doubt in my mind now that I want to buy those. The fit is just too good to pass. I am starting to wonder if their micro model would fit my MTR just so.. I like that you can push them inside the case for transport. Ah, ray just texted me. It's 7066, gotta go!

Ok, half an hour keying at 20wpm for Ray, and the Palm Mini performed flawlessly; great product.



I've had the Palm Mini-paddle for awhile now and love it.  I like their mini key as well, and all of their products tuck up away inside the case for transport.  The old Vibroplex is getting to point where I have to re-tweak it too often, so the Palm is going to end up being the regular paddle in the shack.  If you get one I predict you'll be quite happy with it.

Their Pico paddle is a bit too small (to my eyes) although they do sell that with a KX3 kit and the little cable to use the front keyer connection.  The Mini is, for me, like the mama bear of paddle size.