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Started by cownose, November 12, 2013, 06:46:48 am

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it was again ham radio that provided communications as it hit us here in the visayas area of the philippines . the left part of the country where the storm killed the most the typhoon left us fast but the northern part of our island panay island  also got hit most of the trees uprooted and people were thrown but there was no storm surged which killed most in the island of tacloban. we relayed most of the information from our place when electricity got back and then sent some volounteer hams DU5AOK nathan were the once deployed in tacloban DV6WAV in roxas city. the volounteers where eating bisquits and water during the first day but later provided with scarce food by the redemptorist sisters and fuel for the generators provided by millitary but now its dwindling down. cw on 40 meters provided much communication inside borongan a place in southern samar the person there DV5PO lester an australian expat is also running with generator and fuel his antenna downed now using cw to provide information to manila. -DV6WAJ tony


Tony, glad you are OK.  What has happened in your homeland is tragic beyond comprehension.

A few times I've tuned in to the hurricane watch and SATERN frequencies, but haven't heard anything here on the east cost of America. 

I like your web site (  And with the QRP rig and straight key I saw there I can tell you're going to fit right in here :)

Hope all those close to you are OK.


thank you bob we have been keeping awake and a bit of sleep internet was available when i posted we provided information and relayed   what are the passable roads and routes some bridges destroyed and trees blocked mountain roads. anyways going back to packing rations  73


Dear Tony,

Thank you for talking with us about ham radio emergency communication and relief efforts there in the Philippines. We are praying for you after this terrible season. 

I do find it interesting that the 'old reliable' Morse code/CW is used for emergency communication with there is little power available. when you have time, and things are back to normal, we would all like to hear how your CW is used, are there established emergency nets, is your government involved in any use of ham radio and/or shortwave radio to communicate with the people?  >>> but ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE TIME.  for now, work, rest when you can and we hope to learn more about what worked for you and what did not.

We are so sorry that this would happen to the wonderful Philippine people!

73 de Ray
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Very happy to hear you are safe.  Will be praying for you and your's for sure and all the good folks of the Philipines.  Keep us posted as time allows on your success there with emergency communications, but the main thing is to stay safe and healthy,

God bless,


Sad to see such a great country and people go through this. I spent two months there and still dream about going back. When it isn't Pinatubo, you guys get the typhoons..

Be safe and hang in there Tony,



Keep us posted on the happenings there, DV6WAJ and thanks. Do your best to protect your family and community.
Terry NN0AA


thank you guys
the looting and crimes have stopped in tacloban but in places unreachable they drop or land helicopters seahawks from US armed forces its different here in the philippines you cannot easilly give rescue or aid immediately the nation is a group of islands. the dead were burried in mass graves as they say to prevent pandemic they say im not sure but some argued that it is a violation of human rights. but its becoming ok roads were unblocked and small boats with sail deliver supplies to small islands. in our place in iloilo we packed instant 2 instant noodles 2 small cans of sardines . and 1 5gallon of water in packs per family  that is what we distribute to the northern part of iloilo. the people blame other people , government, even blame japanese volounteers .


another station is now being installed in borongan eastern samar right now to help in communication and brittish sattelite link is now installed in roxas city. chinese hospital ship now helping medical to the injured and also surgeries in tacloban where many died


Tony, the magnitude of the tragedy is more than I can wrap my brain around.  So glad you and yours are OK. 

Thanks for the update and best wishes to all there.  Good luck.