2M Simplex Nets

Started by cockpitbob, February 27, 2016, 07:59:16 PM

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A guy near me has started something interesting.  A 2M simplex net where we all check in on the local repeater, then go to a simplex frequency and re-check in with the net control operator who has a 2m beam on a tall tower.  He swings it around so we can always here him and check in.  He asks us to email to him who we heard simplex, then he emails out the tally.

Kind of a nice way to see what your local simplex coverage is.


That was well worth doing.  I live next to a hill which puts some close stations in a shadow.  But I was surprised how good the path is to one town fairly far away.  My parents in law have s little summer place in that town.  I need to talk them into getting their tickets.