SWL for the tinfoil crowd: Alex Jones Radio

Started by cockpitbob, April 20, 2016, 03:55:54 PM

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Get out your tinfoil hat and undies.  Alex Jones is transmitting with a 100KW station in TN on 12.160MHz
If you crave honest, unbiased and credible news....this isn't you place  


It sure is entertaining though. Still does not beat the Great liberty net on 3.950 for the tinfoil conspiracy theories.


Seen from Europe  (more specific: Scandinavia), this overview of Alex Jones covers him best:


I have been more than amazed for several years that this guy is so much admired and linked to.


I think that Alex Jones is an increasingly common source, not so much because he is seen as a fine journalist, but rather that the American media is so obviously bad, being little more than divisive propaganda and puppet shows (ball games).

...or the condition of Bruce Jenner's misplaced genitalia.

At least Alex Jones is a source of -raw information-, which I assume I must personally research, confirm and clarify, before it's actionable. 

However - CALM - Alex Jones he is not, but then again: people scream and do silly things about ball games - which do not matter at all, and this deals with the present (and growing) totalitarianism in the USA and elsewhere.
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