Radio Preppers YouTube Channel Idea.

Started by gil, June 25, 2016, 09:06:38 PM

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I am thinking of creating a dedicated Radio Preppers YouTube channel. It would be both  instructional and inspirational. What do you guys think? I would just need a bit of help creating maybe a 10sec video intro and "outro?" Anyone here has video editing skills? I can make most of the videos.. I just need to buy a new GoPro and Zoom H2n. My phone even has 4K. The Channel would be linked to the forum. I already have maybe one or two videos good enough to post right away.



Well I for one really enjoy watching radio prepping videos on YouTube. There is a distressing shortage of well done ones though. So any new additions, particularly well made additions are very welcome. I've done a fair bit of amateur video productions but haven't done much with graphic design for intros and outros. If the intro isn't real graphic intense I could probably help there... Or I could just make myself finally learn Apple's Motion.


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Video-schmideo.  I'm OLD, so I learned most of what I know about radio from CAVE paintings.

However, it's a new world out there.  If you want to make talking pictures, it's probably a good idea. Besides, the last time I tried to paint something inside of my old cave, a park ranger arrested me.  So, I guess that YouTube is probably safer...

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