How to Insert Images.

Started by gil, November 29, 2016, 04:17:00 AM

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To insert images you have two choices. the first and preferred method is to upload your photos on a server somewhere and post the link using the image insert button which looks like the Mona Lisa when you have your glasses on ::) Every time someone reads your post the image will be pulled from the server you uploaded it to. Do not post a link located on your hard drive, the web site doesn't know how to get to it! You have to make sure you do not remove those photos from the server, ever! This is the best way to go because otherwise the RP server will fill up quickly and my quota will be exceeded, which means more money for hosting. By hosting the images remotely we eliminate the storage space problem. There are numerous sites offering free image hosting...

The second way is to attach them to your post. This is now only allowed to Patron members. If you want to be able to attach images so that they show up right away, go to: Profile > Summary > Actions > Paid Subscriptions to help this site and gain more privileges. If you are not subscribed your photos will still be posted, but after I approve them, which I am not always able to do in a timely manner.

Do not let these tiny hurdles prevent you from posting images, we all love them! Thanks.



DO I have to enter the Letters on every post?
I have to listen to them, and then it still is not correct.


Not sure how to post an image


I do not quite understand your question, please explain further, thanks.


@mrg9999: I think the second letter in your CAPTCHA example is an E, not a W.