Started by NavySEAL, March 21, 2017, 12:57:14 PM

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White Tiger

Quote from: NavySEAL on March 21, 2017, 12:57:14 PM
I didn't see any radios.:)

Give it another 6 months...took me about that long when I started noodling through what I'd need. My initial need was storage food, then the means to "protect" my family and our food stores, then I began to think about shelter (BOL) and comms about the same time...since comms were the cheaper er..less expensive option...I went with comms.

Then it took me running into the right person (who later became my elmer), who turned me onto this place, and in about 60 days I was licensed, had a radio (at least one of my radios), and a plan to learn about digital.

All of that happened before work got really crazy. I had reached a point where I could afford to refocus my attention. Now, six years later, I've (just this week) completed the acquisition of my bug-out-location (which initially will double as a vacation destination). Now I'm beginning to dust off my old plans to duplicate some radio equipment, build a shack, and begin communicating between the BOL and QTH...

I figure the 300% increase in those seeking shelter against TEOTWAWKI - are where I found myself towards the end of 2009, when I knew there was a problem and started doing something about it. Maybe they're better funded than I was and have the means for acquiring both food ( and shelter - as a means of providing some level of security for themselves and their know, in case the S Hits The Fan.

Though I'm (now) sure it's no coincidence that both sides of the political spectrum are being/have been manipulated by some group to cause us to react in the same ways - I'm just not exactly sure why - but whatever it is, it's probably not going to be good for any of us.

Whatever the cause, I just feel motivated to get back on track. Time is compressing.

Then again, I'm of a 'prepper' mindset, or I wouldn't be a member of a site called "Radio Preppers"...!!
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