Doomsday Clock: Worse than Cold War Era, now 23:57:30

Started by swxx, August 29, 2017, 11:11:24 AM

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Meh.  They have no credibility with me.  Over the decades the "Atomic Scientists" seem to have gone political like everything else. 

In this issue they soapbox about global warming, Trump(and this was written in Jan, 2017 only 1 week after Trump took office), Russia and the election(and this was published in January well before investigations had time do dig up hard evidence, which I haven't seen), fear that scary emerging technologies such as self-driving cars will outpace our ability to regulate them,.....   They spend 7 pages soapboxing yet no mention of ISIS or terrorism.

They've reduced themselves to someone who has opinions and just wants to be heard.


Agree that Killary was a greater danger by far, and that those were early days in January. But Trump has capitulated, been won over, debts wiped out, whatever, he is now owned too, though appears to be more sane. It may not make me friends saying so. But overall therefore, I think it is quite accurate, as it is not about individuals, but about, it would appear, a system that is a pathocracy:


Another thought: the fact that Clinton and the crazy neo cons think that a nuclear war is survivable and to their benefit and they now also own Trump, doesn't that make it all the more likely? They are in power not us. If they are planning for nuclear war and it is therefore more likely, so should we be. Even Putin has said that unfortunately nuclear war is not a question of it but when, given the current trends, if I understood him correctly. SO?! Bad!