New in the Midwest

Started by 01Bravo92, September 02, 2012, 10:35:11 PM

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Hello, I'm 01Bravo92, here in the middle of the country.  I've been using CB radio since I could talk, and just wrapped up sixteen years in the army, getting interested in getting a technicians license, and maybe setting up a manpack, something I could take camping, or to friends house.  Started as platoon commo in basic with an old PRC-25, then a PRC-77, then up to SINCGARS radios.  So just spoiled to mobile and manpack setups.


 8)Welcome. I am new too. Your radio lingo went way over my head.

Even if I can not get my HAM study work in soon, perhaps this forum will help me with lingo. I am already getting an idea of how new techology has changed over the years in just reading a few entries.

Have fun.


Hello, Sunflower.  I ain't too far from you, down in southeast Kansas.  The radio lingo is just military stuff.  I do CB radio, no HAM.