The best radio in teh world for preppers.

Started by Paulo, October 08, 2018, 01:02:01 PM

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If you could ask for any spec in a radio for prepping what would that be?
I want to know what is required in a radio for prepping that we cold call the best radio for prepping. It doesn't need to be something that already exists. I want to know what is missing in most radios we can buy. By watching Gil's videos I can see that battery life CW and ruggedness are the most important ones. but I have a feeling that I'm missing a lot of features. If you could ask for anything what would that be and why?


Gil started a relevant thread a couple of years back:  [Ultra Portable Radio Design Challenge.]



Definitely a low current draw on receive. Now I would also add the 80m band as a requirement, or at least 40m, but 80m is better for NVIS. I am a big fan of CW for its efficiency and simplicity, but SSB is important too, and required for digital modes, though I am not a fan of digital, but it has its place.

Bottom line is, I don't think you can get away with only two radios... You would need an HF radio and a VHF/UHF one for local comms. Some do both, like the Ft-817/818nd but of course, you can only listen to either at the same time...

For me, I would have a small CW radio for bugging out, and a military SSB radio for bugging in or camp setup. UHF Handhelds for group members...

One important thing is to be able to listen to the broadcast news on HF (short-wave)...