Who participated in Winter Field Day?

Started by raybiker73, January 27, 2020, 02:43:55 PM

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Winter field day was Jan 25-26 here in the U.S. Anybody else participate? A friend and I set up in his camper and had a great time. He operated sideband, and I did QRP CW, mostly with my KX-1, but I got to put the Xiegu X5105 through its paces as well. Both radios operated flawlessly - I continue to be impressed with the little Xiegu!

73 de WA3PRR!


Well, it just happened that I was visiting my parents up North this week-end so I missed it. I do want to make a winter outing though, just to test my equipment, radio and camping/bugout...



Our club met up at the EMS Administrative Building where we maintain a radio and vertical antennas. Strung up a 40m and 80m dipole, fewer than we normally have for ARRL Field Day. Saturday evening, I made contacts on 80m mostly regional. On 40m, the US East Coast was getting into Italy. Overall, a good time.


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3 of us went out for it.
   Camped on a mountain top in SW Idaho, and ran wire antennas and QRP rigs. Phone and digital contacts on 20, 40 and 80.
   Weather was tough, but that's the point!!!