Xiegu G1M vs Qrpver SDR?

Started by kc0euw, March 20, 2020, 11:49:39 AM

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Any thoughts on Xiegu G1M vs. QRPver SDR as comparable 5W radios?
Xiegu G1M reports 2.5a TX and 0.5a RX current draw.
Qrpver SDR reports 1.6a TX and 0.125a RX current draw.
Not sure which other features make one better than the other for portable QRP.


I just ordered the QRPVer Minion SDR. The G1M was the other option. In the end, it's the surface-mounted jacks problem on the G1M that made me go for the unknown Minion. I ordered without the LPF, but last night emailed Yurii to ask him if it wasn't too late to add it.. The G1M also burns more current. The minion has all bands between 160 and 10m and also apparently does transmit on CB frequencies. If the Minion SDR turns out to be great, for only a little more money, I think it would be worth saving up for it.
We'll see... I should get in in about a month.