Ailunce HD1

Started by Tobiah, August 15, 2020, 09:22:29 AM

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First post! Newbie ham passed tech and general last weekend... my ultimate goal is a full home-based shack, but in the short-term (aka low budget) I want to build a mobile rig suitable for disaster relief/SHTF/whatever, looking to build homemade antennas and use low/medium power tranceivers that can be packed for hiking. I want to be available to local emergency-prep groups. I'm looking for opinions on the Ailunce HD1. I have 2 Baofeng HT's (not DMR) but I want something waterproof, resilient, and quality. Anyone have one of these? Opinions? I have parts for a hot spot in my Amazon cart, just trying to decide on the radio (and yes I know in the absence of grid power I will rely on radio only!)


I never tested the HD1 but I do want one. Another good choice but without DMR is the Yaesu VX6, which can receive HF AM broadcast and the aviation band, along with a wide band of frequencies.