Resource for people looking into emergency comms

Started by vwflyer, January 06, 2021, 01:52:02 PM

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I wrote a couple of short documents that can be helpful to someone looking into how to use ham radio for emergency communications. I plan to give them to interested people, let them read through them, then answer any questions they have from them. I hope some of you can find them helpful too.



Thank you for posting these. I've had my technician "ticket" for about a month, and after stumbling across Gil and Julian on YouTube, my entire interest has shifted to mobile, low-power comms. I'm hoping that my local club's zoom meeting happens this evening so I can draft an Elmer, but this forum has been a tremendous help.

Hoping to hear you out there on HF in a month or so after my General exam.



Don't forget to boast about it here ;-)
Try for Extra while you're at it, it won't cost you more than some study time..


Those android exam practice apps are the ticket.