Clansman RT-320

Started by K6YIC, May 08, 2022, 07:53:59 PM

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Greetings all,

So I was lucky enough to find a complete PRC-320 crank generator and all.

It's in near perfect condition except for it doesn't even power on.  It has had the sema4radios LSB modification and when powered by a 24v supply will show the battery condition when switched to Battery Check but nothing else. 

I have had a preliminary peak under the hood and everything seems to be in order with nothing burned or leaking. 

Maybe I am missing something simple.  This isn't my first military or green machine. (I have restored A PRC-47, SCR-21 and VRc-24)

Anyone run into a simple fix for a similar condition?



i remember reading that most of the time the power supply it at fault, because of dried up capacitors... It could be a lot of things of course... You might want to join the WhatsApp PRC-320 group. I can have you subscribed with your phone number, just send it to me in a PM..