Clansman RT-320

Started by K6YIC, May 08, 2022, 07:53:59 PM

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Greetings all,

So I was lucky enough to find a complete PRC-320 crank generator and all.

It's in near perfect condition except for it doesn't even power on.  It has had the sema4radios LSB modification and when powered by a 24v supply will show the battery condition when switched to Battery Check but nothing else. 

I have had a preliminary peak under the hood and everything seems to be in order with nothing burned or leaking. 

Maybe I am missing something simple.  This isn't my first military or green machine. (I have restored A PRC-47, SCR-21 and VRc-24)

Anyone run into a simple fix for a similar condition?



i remember reading that most of the time the power supply it at fault, because of dried up capacitors... It could be a lot of things of course... You might want to join the WhatsApp PRC-320 group. I can have you subscribed with your phone number, just send it to me in a PM..


Sorry for digging up an ancient thread, but does this 320 group still exist?
I've just bought one and will be needing a little help along the way I think!


It's quite all right to open old threads with relevant questions. The group you are asking about must be answered by Gil.

You can find much information about that radio in this forum. Just use the Search button and enter < RT-320 > and search in all boards. I got about 35 hits, you might find something useful, and further links.

If you are on Facebook, there are two Clansman groups, one private and one public: [PRC-320 and Clansman Radios] [Clansman Information Group - Buy Sale And Trade - Show off your things!]