SWR 5 ! What is happening ?

Started by GRIZZLY, July 18, 2022, 05:47:57 AM

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I recently tried to instal a president walker on my car (a land rover defender 110).

I svewed a steel plate on the soare tire holder that is mounted on the rear door. On that plate I installed a president antenna that was originaly on a magnetic pod on a sirio base.

The antenna is linked to the radio with a 5mm cable (4 meters long).

When I checked the SWR it was 5 ! And all I have done on the antenna lenth didn't change anything.

Does anybody know what is happening ?




It could be a few things... I would suggest to check the ground connection to the chassis. Or it could be a bad connection... The location of the antenna in relation to the car body might be an issue as well... Let me know what you find. Post a photo maybe...



Thank you Gil, I will try to improve the ground connection and I will let you Know.