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Started by Joe, July 09, 2012, 07:31:44 PM

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Thank You for starting this forum. I just passed my Tech on saturday i have been looking for a forum that is based more for prepper comm's. I belong to other forums but none of them want to start a catagory just for comm's, or if they do its always x is better than y and if you dont have y you cant play.

I have always had some form of comes around from my fire service radio to my CB. But never stepped into HAM. After evaluating our current preps and exposing our weaknesses. I felt that we needed to expand our comm's. Currently I have a Cobra LTD 29 with a K40 antenna, 4 of the uniden GMRS/FRS radios, and my old Bendix King from my fire service days. My first prority was comm's within the family which I think I have covered. But being able to communicate and recieve info from farther out is where I was lacking. I plan to keep everything mobile based.

I look forward to reading and sharing what I can.
Thank You


Jim Boswell

     Welcome to Amateur Radio. Sounds like you have a good start, get busy and study for General. I look at radio prepping like waves on a pond after you throw a stone into the water.  A good scanner is a start for local info. Next step would be a shortwave receiver or transceiver for national/World into. Yes, the CB is a good idea, even better if you are close to a major freeway.
     Guess the next question is if you are going to bug-out or hunker down. Stay at your place or travel to stay with relatives. Given the downsizing of the HF rigs in the past 20 years you can use the same rigs for either choice. A good deep cycle battery and some antennas and you will be ready to go.
     Information is a great power multiplier during bad weather or times of limited supplies. Growing up in Texas, a hurricane or ice storm could strip the store shelves of goods in 24-48 hours. I consider weather as the triggering event of other issues, course I live out in the country and don't have to deal with city strife. More room for antennas too. 73'S  KA5SIW


Hello Joe, and welcome aboard!

Definitely get your general! Now you also need to learn Morse code to use you privileges on 40m!  ;)



Thanks for the reply. I do have a scanner just didn't list it, it's a hand held Bearcat. I haven't used that much. I primarily listen to the fire channels on my BK handheld. In northern california we have 2 seasons flood and fire. And after being a firefighter for ten years its habbit to crab and turn on my portable. I have been looking at HF rigs but want to get my dual band rig for my truck first. Then I will get the HF rig. Depending on the circumstance will determine if we bug in or out. That is why I want to keep everything mobile. I have plans to set up emergency power at both places, and have antennas set in both places.

Thanks for the reply, and Thank You for starting this forum. I have started studing for my general ticket. I hope in by next VE sesion to take the test. I have looked at the Morse code and down loaded a study app for it.