Started by KE5ES, November 12, 2022, 09:25:23 AM

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The last couple of days I have been camping in South Texas.  I am learning Morse Code and have been using it mainly with either my Yaesu FT-817 or the KX3.  With an endfed wire on my DX Commander pole I was talking easily to Hungary and Bulgaria.  My issue is my local EMMCOM wants WINLINK on 80 meters.  It is all well and good but if you are 'deployed' I can't see having the room for an 80 meter antenna.  Any suggestions??  It just amazes me that shack rats expect field rats to use 100 watts on WINLINK on 80 meters.
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Good question.  The comms begins with propagation first.  The easiest antenna length does no good, if the band is too high for your regional comms/NVIS.  80 meters is a real work horse for regional comms.  The great news is that stringing a 130'ish foot piece of wire at low height is easy. Remember that for local comms having the antenna up a bit over head height is a good >start<.  Any EASY elevation after that helps, but is generally not essential.  I've done a lot of outdoor/wilderness radio and mil radio opns, where a bit over head height was what was practical.  That's not good for long rages, like a thousand miles or more, but fine for regional/high take-off angle work, usually within the one-tank-of-gas-distance ( 0-350 miles,. which matters most to me.

I'd recommend either a simple dipole cut to frequency BEFORE you deploy or Gil's favorite , the End Fed Half Wave wire.  The EFHW is somewhat easier to deploy and retrieve, especially in trees.

CW DX!  Definitely,  A little wire and Morse code is amazing.  I just had a basic QSO with a fellow in Germany on forty meters using my QRP rig, maybe five Watts. and a dipole up only 30 feet. It would have been better to have the dipole at 60 feet for that long haul, but he and I talked for about 15 minutes in slow, handsent Morse/CW, so it was still working - even at QRP levels.

Please let us know how things are going for your radio excursions./

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